Vision Statement for Friskoven Ecovillage in the making!


We had a vision meeting for our eco village this weekend! I almost feel like saying the first one, though it's more like the third one! Or almost 4th...


We had one when we were just us, the first few people who bought the place. Then the group expanded in the summer and we had our first vision meeting as a bigger group, where we planned to have the "real" vision meeting where we would spend a whole weekend really getting things down - when that time came, everything just felt like the wrong time - no one was prepared and the meeting got postponed on unknown time. Winter came and many people in the group became occupied with other things. Some people left (to maybe come back) and everything stood still for a while.

Then new people came - a new group has now formed and a new beginning is showing. A more solid one it seems.
And that's why it feels like the first real meeting, as things are starting to get real!

drone photo from this summer

So for the third time I have written a vision statement, which I want to share with you again!
Every time it gets more defined!

This is just my personal "big why" as I brought to the meeting, and from this and what other people shared, we will form our final vision statement in hopefully near future, so we can start getting the word out to more people and form a bigger tribe!

My Big Why

I want to live and co-create in the forest with a bunch of people because I want connection. Connection with nature, my own inner voice and the people around me.
I believe that direct connection and local solution is a key factor to more well being and connection to the world around us.

For me, the biggest problem in the world right now roots in separation and disconnection to people, nature and ourselves.
I want to create a village where we feel a deep unity with everything in and around us. Where we help each other with tasks that society has otherwise converted into profitable services.

We grow and eat strong, healthy vegetables rather than buying packaged food made in factories.
We look after each other’s children rather than paying strangers to do it.

By bringing food production, child care and other services back home, we become more financially free and independent.
I want less money and more gift, love and freedom.

We have a circular economy where waste goes back into the system in the ways of greywater systems, compost toilets and creative recycling. Preserving clean soil, water and air through proper energy and waste management.
We preserve and encourage biodiversity and wilderness.
We build and live in beautiful natural houses with materials from the forest.

We work for and with each other and the work is always meaningful.

We listen deeply to the wilderness and respect the forest we live in, as one of our teachers.
We dance, meditate and sing together and encourage each other in healthy living.
We feel safe and protected in the village and thrive both as free individuals and as group members.
Children are included and empowered in their learning journey and in their inner being.

We celebrate art and creativity and invite people to our workshops.
I want a culture where we honor and celebrate ourselves and the seasons.
Respecting the Earth and all living beings on it, we create our own traditions and celebrations which gives us a sense of joy and belonging. To the Earth and to our community.

thank you

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Sounds like an excellent project.

Are you connecting with the Steem eco-village that is being developed in Portugal by @orlev and @eco-alex ?


a little bit but not much. I am having so little internet time in this phase of my life that I struggle to keep up with the online community...! Hopefully a day when my life is a bit more settled.. And my home has electricity ;)


Electricity will be useful ! Hope all goes well with the project.

2020 is most definitely the year for manifesting and "things getting real". Awesome. Please keep sharing and posting so we can inspire others to co-live & co-love in harmony with Mother Earth.

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Together We’re Making This World A Better Place.

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Lovely to see another ecoVillage manifesting! Wishing you every success! We share many things in our vision! Im curious, what kind of home will you be building, e.g cob, earthship, rammed earth etc?

<3 xxx


Okay I try again, I made a long reply to your comment a few days ago, but it disappeared XD

Thank you - is it possible to read your vision somewhere? Would be good with some inspiration :)

And about building - our first project will be to renovate the old villa on the land, and in general save and fix up what we have, before we start building new.
The overall plan is to insulate it with hemp fiber and plaster with clay, but we don't have all the details set yet. First thing is to get rid of all the rotten old stuff inside.. almost everything but the shell has to go.

Then eventually I dream of building a cob house, but that's still a bit away I think. Maybe we will start building smaller cob buildings soon, like for compost toilets, shower, volunteer accommodation and such..

  ·  작년

So beautiful... Your vibration resonates with me. I would love to come visit some time and see it all... Well done and keep on with the good work.


Thank you! You are more than welcome to come by :) <3

  ·  작년

Interesting idea/project to create an eco village. Good luck! :)

Sounds great! I was thinking to drop by, but I see you need to go to sweden first to get to the Island 😝 Im at Thy Lejern in Juttland and will head south slowly to Spain


Very late reply, but yes, not reeeally on the way from Thy to Spain..! But you are welcome any time :D
Say hello to the lovely folks at Thy Lejren! <3


😃 Ill make it onthe way onthe way back in a year or so! You know anyone up here?


I have a friend who grew up there, Pil, I don't know if she is there at the moment.. but we went to visit her mother once who still live there, else I don't really know so many people in that part of the country :)

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