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I welcome all my friends, as I promised today, I will tell you more about leasing in the EDC blockchain project, which I really liked about my conditions and opportunities. In more detail you can read about this project in my previous article. EDC blockchain created a multi-currency wallet - or rather, a whole platform, thanks to which everyone can start mining, create their own token on the EDC blockchain, communicate with the community, read the news and many other things.

For me, as a person who wants to increase his capital, leasing is interesting because it offers a very simple and reliable way to earn money, but of course you will not see fast X's here, which are in a very volatile cryptocurrency market. But I specifically decided to get away from direct trading, since there is no desire and time to follow the market and these very X can be completely in different directions.

Let's see what leasing, masternods and LPoS are and how it all relates to the EDC blockchain.

So, EDC Blockchain uses a hybrid LPoS mining algorithm (leased proof of ownership), which attracts all participants (users) to the network to protect and secure the network, regardless of their stack (the percentage of coins in the network). The essence of the algorithm is that smaller cryptocurrency owners lease their coins to full-fledged nodes, the nodes form a block, and owners receive their share in the overall distribution of bonuses. There are also masternods - in order for a node to become a masternods, you need to collect a certain amount of coins on it. Of course, not everybody can get a masternod, since buying coins for her can result in a big sum, and you will receive fixed network bonuses in any case. So, leasing coins can be sent for 3, 6 and 12 months.

  • when sent for 3 months, you will receive 8% per month (0.27% per day);
  • when sent for 6 months, you will receive 10% per month (0.33% per day);
  • when sent for 12 months, you will receive 12% per month (0.40% per day).

Here, everyone is free to choose a tariff at his discretion. Here it is worth learning a few rules:

  • the minimum number of coins that can be leased is 1000;
  • putting the coins in leasing for a certain period you can not remove them;
  • every day you can withdraw earned coins and either sell them or lease them, increasing your daily income;
  • you do not need to keep the computer on for leasing and take any other actions;
  • You will be able to constantly monitor any available information on the profits, dates, etc.

Someone may notice the fact that buying coins today at the same price and putting them on leasing for example for 3 months after this time the coin price may change in the lower direction and in the end you will get a smaller percentage than stated at the beginning. But this is not so, since it would be more correct to consider interest in EDC coins than in dollars, since they will be paid as a reward and even if counted in dollars, today the price has reached its bottom - there is no active seller. . On the contrary, the volumes increase, the team works on the platform, conducts meetings, develops mobile versions of the wallets and improves the platform. Also, do not forget that the company since 2015 in the cryptocurrency market. Today, the price of one coin equals $ 0.0039 and the price in dollars will rise with the rise of the market, but you will have more coins due to payments for leasing - BUT in any case, you decide, only you are responsible for your decisions.

As I said, the multicurrency wallet is not limited to mining only, but also contains many other useful services:

  • coin constructor, in which you can create your own token thanks to a convenient and intuitive designer and further complete maintenance of your token, including advertising, reviews, access to stock exchanges, etc.
  • transaction explorer with full details. 
  • communicate with your community, partners, read news and make your suggestions for improving services and track your entire portfolio, including tokens released on the EDC blockchain. Soon its own stock exchange will start to buy the sale of EDC coins inside a multi-currency wallet, which will be very convenient.
  • Of course, there is a settings button in your wallet that allows you to set up backup, passwords, protection methods (I strongly recommend that you include 2FA) and personal information.

To start using all the services you need to register in the system and create your own personal wallet - this requires going through only a few steps:

  1. Currently, only the desktop wallet works, to go to it, click on the link: enter the name (your name will be your wallet address, so you can pick up a beautiful name for yourself), password, agree with the rules and click create an account.
  2. After the system prompts you to enter your previously entered password - after which it will show you Brainkey (a certain number of words that will be your most important password). Rewrite these words on paper in the same order so as not to lose!!!
  3. To enter your wallet, enter your password and Brainkey.
I also note that on 1 computer with one IP address you can register only 1 wallet

Everything is very simple - you are in the system, now - to use any services you need to buy coins and transfer them to your personal address. To do this, there are many exchanges that sell coins EDC. You can see the list of exchanges and volumes on the coinmarketcap website. I personally used the Yobit exchange, but you can choose any, the main thing is to see that the status of the wallet on the exchange itself is active and, as always, I advise you to first send a small transaction for verification.

Friends - I hope this information was useful for you, subscribe to my blog, put likes and leave comments and remember - water does not flow under a still stone.

Official site - https://blockchain.mn

Exchanges - https://blockchain.mn/exchanges/

MINING - https://blockchain.mn/leasing/

Telegram -  https://t.me/EDCBlockchain

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