EDC Blockchain Digest. Opportunities with the EDCB Token and Increase in the Number of Witnesses


Dear users, thank you for supporting the EDC Blockchain platform and participating in its continuous development.

Custom ERC20 tokens have been successfully swapped to BEP20 tokens. In your personal wallet, you can start depositing and transferring EDCB (BEP20) tokens running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Open the "Finance" tab in your personal EDC Blockchain wallet to send and receive tokens https://wallet.blockchain.mn/exchanges/balance

The successful transition of the ERC20 token to the BEP20 standard allows expanding the range of opportunities for BEP20 token holders, therefore, the transaction time was reduced to 3 seconds, while the fees were reduced by around 20 times (!). Using the EDCB token in EDC Blockchain wallets saves you from the need for additional authorization and verification activities, unlike the other wallet providers. This integration also allows you to store and use BNB tokens in your EDC Blockchain wallets.

Note. Use gas in BNB from your wallets when transferring EDCB tokens.

Our network continues to involve the larger number of witness nodes (nodes for validating transactions and new blocks) to increase the decentralization and move to the public blockchain. So we are scaling the and clustering the platform. 103 witness nodes have been operating on our platform. Any active participant who makes the most contribution to the platform can become a validator and receive rewards for their activity.

We continue to record high user demand for the web version of the EDC Blockchain wallet, which is used to carry out the largest transactions on the network. Our specialists continue to work to improve the performance of the web wallet. The EDC Blockchain wallet is available for free download here https://blockchain.mn/.

Read about the development of our products in the next digests.


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