The Role of Dayah Babul Huda Gampong Meuria Aron Teachers in Santri Moral Development Efforts


The Role of Dayah Babul Huda Gampong Meuria Aron Teachers in Santri Moral Development Efforts


The role of the teacher is very important in the learning process of teaching and fostering students in the Dayah. The role and simple task of the teacher is to direct and guide the students so that their knowledge will increase and develop and develop their potential and the better their character and morals. Especially for the assignment of teachers on the Dayah in addition to having to be able to provide a correct understanding of religious teachings through the recitation of the books, it is also expected to be able to build the daily spirit and character of the santri.
According to Tgk. Syurliadi as one of the senior teachers at the Dayah Babul Huda Gampong Meuria Aron was one of the main factors that determined the quality of education and the efforts to develop the morals of santri as teachers. The teacher is at the forefront in an effort to foster santri on the Dayah to become noble human beings. The teacher is the party most responsible for the implementation of education, teaching and fostering santri, including in the effort to foster santri morals. The teachers are key individuals who are always with the students and supervise and guide teaching and learning activities and efforts to foster santri morality in their daily lives.
Based on the results of the research of the author by conducting interviews with the informants both teachers, students and leaders of the Dayah Babul Huda, the teachers at the Dayah Babul Huda had a role in fostering the morality of santri with several efforts including:

  1. Guidance and supervision
    The role of the Babul Huda Dayah teacher in an effort to foster the morality of santri in both the resident Dayah and the santri who return home is by conducting guidance and supervision, this activity is carried out regularly by the teacher. Based on the author's interview with Tgk. Maulidin as one of the teachers at the Dayah Babul Huda, basically efforts to develop morals on the Dayah Babul Huda have been carried out through guidance and recitation, daily activities and activities, the santri have been taught to be polite, mutual respect, help and discipline as well as live in family with fellow santri.
    The same thing was conveyed by Tgk. Azhari, according to him the head of the dayah and all the teachers always guide him and the other santri to respect the teachers, dayah leaders, parents, guests and the oldest, and respect and cherish the younger, by guiding and pointing to kindness and various other good morals. Besides that the teachers also taught moral books such as Taisir Akhlak and Ta'lim Muta'alim who taught the morality of santri to their teachers and hoped that the santri could practice and implement what they had learned.
    In addition to the guidance of the morality of the santri, the teachers at the Dayah Babul Huda Gampong Meuria also played a role in overseeing the overall character and behavior of the santri in everyday life, especially for the santri who settled. According to Tgk. Mursyidi as one of the santri in the Dayah Babul Huda, the supervision carried out was inherent in the daily lives of the santri because the teachers and santri lived in the same dormitory or booths in the Dayah Babul Huda Gampong Meuria Aron complex.
  2. Exercise and Habit
    In everyday life many habits take place, either in speaking or acting, these habits will shape the character and morals of a santri. According to Tgk. Saiful Bahri, one of the roles of the Dayah Babul Huda teacher in an effort to foster the morality of the santri is habituation. Habit is one of the most effective ways, especially in the moral formation of santri on the Dayah Babul Huda Gampong Meuria Aron. One form of habituation that is done by each teacher before starting the teaching and learning activities is when entering the class students (santri) must say hello to the teacher and read the prayer before studying carefully. Santri is also accustomed to discipline in attending recitations and is no exception refraction in congregational prayers that must be followed by santri.
    Habit in worship and noble character is intended as a means to get closer to Allah SWT. The refraction will eventually become a good habit later when the santri plunge into the community. Santri can be used as uswah (role model) for the people and the closest people who show to the akhlaqul karimah.
    According to Tgk. Rizki moral development carried out on the Dayah Babul Huda Gampong Meuria Aron conducted through training and habituation was carried out on aspects related to morals towards Allah SWT for example how to do the correct prayer and correct prayer. Then, on the moral aspects of fellow human beings, santri are trained and accustomed to how to behave politely to the teachers and behave well towards fellow santri, to know how to respect the t



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