Our Children's Education

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My daughter is a kindergartner in the Douglas County School system of Colorado. Every year the school holds a Fun Run Fundraiser. Now, this Fundraiser usually is so that the school can do a little extra for the kids and take away some of the cost for field trips from the families. This year they are trying to earn $50,000 so that they are going to be able to keep Art, Music, P.E., and Technology in the school.

What I do not understand is why are these great programs even in danger. We talk about wanting to better our children. To inspire free thinkers. These are the programs that create that. We live in an ever-changing technological world. I’m writing on a blockchain platform that didn’t exist 3 years ago. How are our children going to keep up if we are not teaching them technology? Art and Music are things that touch our hearts and souls. These are the tools that we use to express ourselves when we feel that words are not enough. When you take that away you are killing a small part of us. P.E. or as some of us know it Physical Education. Keeping kids still and in a desk, all day is not healthy for them. They need movement. To go outside and kick a ball or learn to climb a rope. Play sports of any kind, even if they aren’t good at it. To move helps them in so many ways. There are new studies coming out all the time about how our children need to be outside, moving. To take that away is criminal.

I know that my child’s school isn’t the only one that is going through this. My question is why is any school going through this? We do not need to make unthinking drones that are more computer. We need people who are free thinkers and can help to solve some of the problems that past generations have created. If all our children are learning to just be yes men and women what will their children’s future be?

Please talk to your school board about this. We need to make a serious change in how our children are being taught in our schools. It shouldn’t just be for the 1% to be able to learn. We have a public school system for a reason. So let’s make it better for all our children.

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Wow, I`m from Germany and I didn't even know that was a thing in the US. it's really terrifying


It happens all over the US. You can find breakdowns of how the US spends its tax money. It usually ends up being something like 50-60% going to military spending of some sort. Very little goes to education.


Yeah it’s one of those things many people don’t even know about until they have kids in the system.

Always thought it was only in the movies. Hope you are able to raise enough funds here.
Best of luck.


Thanks, I hope I can help to make a difference.

Hi @amrauthor, I find this to be awful. It's always arts programs and things that would help with creative expression and emotional balance that are hit first.

We will make sure to share this tomorrow on Voices from the Mountains and let people know about it.

I know that @falseyedols and @elimence have some strong feelings about this, being educators who are dealing with this in their schools too.


@intuitivejakob that is great thank you so much. I still am in shock that these programs are even being considered to be discontinued.

I resteemed your post in the hopes that more people see it. I don't have any kids, but I know how important education is. Best of luck to you and the school system.


Thank you.

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