Analog electronics

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Analog electronics consider and work with continuous values ​​and can take infinite values, we can note that it deals with signals that change over time continuously because it studies the conduction and non-conduction states of the diodes and transistors that are used to design computations in the algebra with which integrated circuits are manufactured.


Analog Electronics covers many fields such as, for example, dynamic analog electronics that deals with a circuit that transfers slings or vibrations to an electrical system, hydraulic analogue which is existing between a flat surface water stream or a two-dimensional flow as an example A clock, which tends to have gears of different types which are moved by a driver, moves gears that are different sizes but each for a specific function such as that of seconds, minutes and hours.

We can also say that analog electronics define more specific fields such as:

Driving semiconductors.
Circuits with diodes.
Biopolar transistor
Transistorated stages.
Field effect transistors.
Amplification and feedback.
Operational amplifier (I).
Operational amplifier (II).
Other amplifier systems
Other analog systems
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