How to remember without boredom -P2-

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How to remember without boredom

Dealing with subjects intelligently

The failure of many students in their studies is due to the inability of the student to learn the material he is studying, the article has one of three reasons, and these three reasons if the student believes the existence of one of them in the course of the course will certainly not succeed and excel, and these reasons meet in one word The word pain, the word (pain) means the following: [2]

  • A thousand : is the word (hate), and this word is repeated by a lot of students about the subjects , they do not study a particular subject because they hate it, if they studied it bored.

  • " I do not care. I do not like her teacher," she said. "It does not matter to me.

  • Almim : means (impossible); a student finds that it is impossible to understand a particular substance because it is very difficult, feels upset and bored as the oldest to be studied; because he put in his thinking is impossible to understand, but to solve these problems, or three reasons , about the student from the study with enthusiasm and motivation , And this can be through the correct thinking with the soul and with all seriousness and impartiality in the material, and ask the student himself this article why I study, and begin to write down the benefits that he finds from this article, and the benefits of knowledge gained after studying and learning what, for example take biology; Where the student asks himself Benefit that Sogdaa in biology? It finds many benefits, such as strengthening the faith of man in God, The knowledge of the secrets of the human body, how its members work, how to deal with this body, and the impact of the surrounding environment, and damage that may be staring at the body, and so, after that the student finds that this article is of high value, but interesting to study easily and easily, Tirelessly.

              TO BE CONTINUED


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By: Lina Juaidi

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