Method of solving problems in teaching

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Method of solving problems in teaching

an introduction

As one of the most important and finest human professions at all, the development of peoples, and the rise of nations, and whenever the teaching system strong strong corresponding to science and culture, the exercise of free thought and creative thinking, the outputs of this system generation conscious intellectual capable of creation and creativity, adding to his nation more science and literature.

And teaching the profession of education of students from the pre-kindergarten to university education, and postgraduate studies, through school education in all classes, and problems is expected as any job, especially as the deal is usually with age groups either children or adolescents, or young people pushing in the middle of life, Problem solving is a feature of creative thinking and is one of the highest thinking skills.

While teaching, the teacher or teacher may encounter various problems with either the students or the students. Therefore, the teacher or teacher must have the skill of solving all sorts of problems, either by rooting out the problem or by reducing it or by finding alternative solutions.

Methods of solving problems in teaching

  • The teacher has the full skill to solve problems, usually by reading books on problem solving art, and by attending courses or workshops for self-development.

  • The teacher should deal with the problem as a normal situation in any environment and can be remedied and not a fateful disaster that can not be met.

  • The teacher understands the causes of the problem, its motives, and its consequences, away from the traditional treatment of problems with violence, threats, and personal humiliation.

  • If the problem is to teach the same material, the teacher must recognize that the education is a participatory process between the student and the teacher, that the method of spontaneous learning is over, and the teacher should begin to nurture the students in an active learning way and allow the student to be part of the teaching process.

  • If the teacher finds that there is a problem in understanding a particular idea or a mathematical law, he or she must explain it differently through educational games, research, report or play.

  • If there is boredom of the teaching process, the teacher must break the stagnation of the quartile by doing some exercises or doing a light activity that does not exceed a few minutes.

  • The teacher should vary in his presentation of the teaching material, as well as the method of requesting homework. Once homework is a question, a research or report time, and again an experiment or a written or illustrated story and other ideas to eliminate the problem of boredom and routine in the student that you pay to evade duty or transfer from One of his friends.

  • The teacher must deal with each student as a classroom in itself; so as to avoid the problems of jealousy among students to distinguish one of his peers.

Teaching a continuous career as well as its problems, the teacher only to believe in the sanctity of his message so as to facilitate the most difficult problems.

By: Rania Sunjak

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