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Ripple is a centralized blockchain and that is why the banks love it because they think they can buy it to undermine the KING-BITCOIN.... I call BULLSHIT on that!!!

So many people are getting tricked by Ripple. That is why I bought some before the rally bc I knew this would happen...Buy Bitcoin people. I sold my Ripple profits for the King-BTC!!! We are about to see a Bitcoin explosion.

And don't start me on that fake media CNN!!!! I change CNN that is playing at any restaurant I eat at lol. Not even kidding...


I would like to see Anderson Cooper hang from the statue of Liberty.


Plenty of big sturdy oaks with low branches down my way. All we need is some of that good ole' Colorado hemp rope................. All you gotta do with Anderson is drop his sorry ass off outside the city limit and he wouldn't make it.


AC is softer than baby shit....
He wouldn't make it one day in my hood.....and I live in a nice area!!!


"Softer than baby shit!" LMFAO......nice!

I like your calls, but don't forget gravity, it seems to always be there to bring me down.

Epic rant, @broncnutz! I'm loving how you're hitting it all right on the head!

Go Steelers!


Dont miss Lefty 3 Rings this week....gonna be some Steelers Talk.

 Broncnutz Chronicles

Oh man that was a great time i had today watching you video i think you should keep doing this series of videos where we get all the information and updates from you.

Well starting from the National championship game you called for it even it someone don't take words for granted they can't make a single penny out of that for sure all they want is @broncnutz to send and mail the Cheque right away haha :) 

 Ripple (XRP)

i must say i felled for this coin during the December and bought bunch of them at $0.24 rate and then it boomed to almost $4 but i see and researched about this coin a little and boom i was surprised it is not even a decentralized coin its a bankers game coin it was just like a game that bankers were playing to grab all the bitcoins and other important crypto with them but i played smart there sold it at the top high rate and it was the first time i got the feeling of ripping those bankers who have ripped us a lot hhah like a boss :D

I am never going to buy sold all ripple at the top and it began to fall like a meteor that was a close call for me.

Govt. Taxes 

if they will put taxes on each transaction man no one is gonna live on this planet many will commit suicide but we have the websites like shapeshift as you said thank god govt. has a tough time ahead lol trump @broncnutz played you out here hahah 

FAKE Media, JP Morgan

i don't think they are not the part of the same coin both work hand in hand main stream news i the worst thing you will see today i keep avoiding it but they just keep coming back their days will be over soon.

Thanks for sharing a brilliant Video i enjoyed it completely :D

Have a nice day ahead


trump will be really happy to see this video haha no fake news please lol but you are very right man :D


Oh Trump watches Broncnutz vids on the Reg!!!! Trust & Believe that! LOL

I actually thought about ripple the other day. It kind of feels like a dark cloud hovering over the crypto market. I don't know the long term plan for this Ripple but I do feel that the banksters are not going to let go without a fight. The question remains how they will go about controlling the crypto market though. Technology in the end can free us but it can also inslave us further. The block chain and crypto is definitely a step in the right direction to free the people

I enjoyed last night's game but was disappointed Georgia lost. The Freshman QB from Hawaii looks like a real star.

Jamie Dimon is a tool, a typical Wall Street banker who talks out of both sides of his mouth. JPM is actively looking for ways to make money on cryptocurrencies.

Ripple has done great in recent weeks, but I don't trust it at all. It's too centralized, too many coins were premined and given to the insiders and there are way too many coins outstanding. I will pass on $XRP. My favorite coins are $EOS and $ZEN, for different reasons.

The overwhelming number of fans at the game were cheering for Trump. CNN is a joke.

I think you were spot on in this video. Cheers, my friend.


@gtrplayer Definitely spot on!! That's what I love most about OG bronc - He always tells it exactly how it is - Always with no sugar coating and much passion.. Soooo Glad he makes videos so people can appreciate his excitement, humor, opinion and matter of factness=


Cheers Cuz! Thanks for the reply.


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@broncnutz - Loving the usual PASSION in your video chronicles and straight up telling it how it is cuz!!

You are dead on with "Ripplegate" (damn I should copyright that now and get paid in a few years) Ripple XRP has always been a shady, shady "currency" somehow included by trading platforms and included on to try and deceive the crypto community - very likely endorsed and backed by the govt and definitely back and marketed by many big banks.. I never ever search "Ripple" on my phone using the Google app yet 80% of my news stories which Google thinks I wanna read are about "Ripple News" - Good for anyone that capitalized off it as it peaked but if you are smart - dump that garbage now because if you dont you are only supporting anti cryptocurrency..

Definitely liked the Jaime Morgan rant!! How true are your words my man!! What a hypocrite - but good for his daughter!! Hopefully she's an anarchist :)

Last thing so I don't hijack the comments with writing a book as I easily could on this topic
I responded to a reply comment of yours to me earlier from your NLC2 post 10 days ago - Check it out if ya have time and also check out a post I wrote tonight on NLC2 coin - you were right brother - BIG BIG things on the near horizon and the platform and chain are genius!! #ripplegate


Thanks for watching as always cuz! I ALWAYS appreciate the comments.


Anytime Brother!! Hey if ya get a chance take a look at this NoLimitCoin post of mine - any feedback or new news I may have missed would be appreciated so I can add to it or comment on it. Very happy that you share your investment advice and things to watch for - the platform is definitely cool too and will certainly continue to take off

Great call on the Game! The damn thieving banksters have another nail in their coffin today as China ain't buying US debt or so the rumor goes. "IF" this is true they either print more(how much more can they print right since this has been their fix all) or they kill the $. The ship seems to have sunk and the room on the mast is becoming quite crowded. Fun to watch.

Nice calls. You're right on Atlanta, coaches blew it!

Spot on! Keep em coming! I have learned to enjoy the videos, but more importantly to listen to your advice!


I grow on people....but at least im real. aint none of that fakery up in here!


I bet you do! The art event you went to a while back looked like wine!

Off topic. I have been meaning to ask you this. When Steem is locked in as Steem Power is it like staking? Do you get "interest" like Smartcash? I have seen old posts saying yes and it wasn't clear in the white paper. Just curious! I am failing at getting leases of SP so I am thinking of powering up.

Thanks for being here!


I similar to staking but you don't get rewards.....instead you get to pull coins from the daily mining pool and delegate where they go via your upvote power.


Thanks! That puts a question to rest. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together.


No doubt

I got Ripple at .77 - not a whole lot, but i've taken some of the profits and reinvested into some of the smaller coins. I see you talking about SmartCoin, but its not on Bittrex. Any tips for coins I can get on Bittrex that aren't too expensive you think might grow???


i like Lisk!


Any opinions on MED or TRON?


nah....i dont invest in to much only because i dont need to, I am deep on old school solid stuff for the long haul.

Got in on ripple at $1.3, kind of sad now that I didn't get out at $3.9. Couldve doubled my xrp now


I would not worry about it....Ripple is going back up and gonna go even higher most likely. You watch, movie stars, singers and MSM will be shouting Ripple from the top of their lungs this year. When it does finally crash it will be epic and there will be lots of pain. Bankers are ruthless.

mail the check man hahah lol


I cant make it any easier!!!! LMAOOOOOOOOO!

cnn is a media house which are running behind the scenes with the help of bankers to promote their fuc**** coin sorry for saying that but its the truth


CNN is pittifull

Great educational rant, man. No fake news here.


sometimes i just like to go off cuz......

another epic post @broncnutz! and you are correct the main stream dishonest media and their conglomerates want to bring down cryptos and bring down Trump....but guess what? They aint gunna bring down either! To an epic 2018!!!


We coming to kick ass and chew bubble gum you little corrupt banker bieotches!!!!!!!! and we are all out of bubble gum......

  ·  4년 전

crypto is future man !! trading experienced person is future in this world.. whats your opinion ??


you might be right! least ill have a job then.....thought i might have to start stripping!

My first Broncnutz chronicles. I like the hodge podge of stuff. My biggest takeaway....listen to the Broncnutz's advice! :)


i mean not ALWAYS!!!! I am wrong sometimes but I always need to be double checked.

Bam @broncnuts comes into my feed.

Bam I am amused.

Bam! Upvote it

Bam I know what to do!



It's awesome i can amuse you!!! I actually amuse myself even doing this. Living alone can make you think of lots of stuff to talk about.

Love the post. I have to disagree that Ripple is a fraud. Their technology is sound, they are just using it to help gothe existing financial industry. I don't see that industry going away any time soon so why wouldn't it make sense to make those ttansactions more efficient?


its pre mined you dont get it.....i dont like being slave where my money can be manipulated. maybe its ok with you to help bankers have more control and steal more from us but im not ok with it. For that reason alone i will never support it no matter what it does. I'll still upvote your post though because your opinion matters and this is something that really needs to be discussed. Crypto can set us free but supporting Ripple lets them off the hook for more crooked oppression.

  ·  4년 전

I knew you were going to talk about the championship right away! Gotta go with Bronc!


Lefty 3 Rings is well known is 6 countries and wildly famous in 23 others......jus sayin LMAO!

I hear from a friend wen the ripple hit 1 $ he told me this will be reverse and it will come back to .25 $ But after that it have such a great spike what is the reason behind this brother


With bankers involved there is no way to tell. better of staying with good ole will have an epic rise soon.

Chronicles... wow Falcons nice... almost! Jamie Dimon no regrets... ha ha! They want to cripple with ripple! @broncnutz for President!


I'll pave all the streets with Ripple when im President!


Ha ha... there's plenty to go around!

You have hit the nail on the head. No fake news, No Fake Media..Ripple is increasing day be day as compare to Bitcoin nowadays. What do you think? :)

2 minute of silence for jp morgan and gangsters lol :D


we are killing them and you can see it on their face......this war will get bloody.

Love the Chronicles of @broncnutz! No fake news! I tried to comment last night but you must have shut STEEMIT down with this vlog! Sounds like we will have to get some Crypto schooling in next weekend! Oh some pheasant hunting and rap battling too! 😂 Take it easy brotha!

That was a hell of a game last night! I knew Nick Saban had something up his sleeve, but didn't think it was going to be Tua! He played unbelievable! If Tua can play that well next year, it is going to be tough for Alabama to lose next year!

"Come on cuz!" I love that saying! I use it frequently!

I couldn't believe it that they had "how to buy Ripple" on CNBC.. I laughed out loud when I saw that video and all the guys videoing it and busting out laughing!

I have always been in favor of no taxes, but if there was something like a Flat tax that would be best!

Great video @broncnutz, as usual. You're 100% correct about Ripple. I feel really bad about the folks that bought this hype at the top. I quit watching the news over a year ago. If I want fiction, I'll read a book, heh.

#broncnutzforpresident2020 Presidential bid paid for in nutzcoin.


Can i smoke weed in the White House????

Wow. Now that's passion! Got you you mixed in with my regular you tube videos I follow. I won't miss a video from here out. Why? Cause you're the Bronc Nutz! and you know your stuff!

Stay away from Ripple. The Labs are in control, you will get squashed like a bug

Dumped some ripple... mined some SMART CASH ( SMART).. you da man!



Hopefully l it was SMART Cash cuz!!! I dont know about smartcoin


Too many coins! Yes.. SMART CASH ( SMART )

Thanks for the correction!

Sold Ripple while still up...woohoo! Got Smartcoin! Life is good. Thanks bro!


hopefully you got SMART Cash....not smartcoin


Maybe we can start one called Smartcoin when the Steemit subchain generator becomes available! Do you know when that is BTW?


Woops a crypto slip of the mind! @bronconutz, I am impressed that you read all of the comments. You deserve your Whale status!

Smartcoin does exist and isn't doing very well right nigh! @sequentialvibe you are too late on that one!

Completely agree mate. I tried to warn many friends about that got caught up in the hype. Some listened, some didn't.

Always post educative videos on crypto , this is also very educative for me , becoz I have no knowledge on crypto

really interesting video @broncnutz

Useful and informative post thank you dear friend

Great video on crypto , very thanks for this educative video. Have a nice day

2 things man they the game was great the bulldogs really nailed it ,the other thing ripple is simply a big joke that is being pumped by the banks

2018 is the crypto year.
I worry about bitcoin and ethereum. If Te banks want to cripple them they just have to create situations that highlights some of the existing flaws. Like slow transaction times (when the herd gets into bitcoin) and High transaction fees.

Or $$ loss due to exchange breach or shutdown

good informative video post @broncnutz. Thanks for sharing. good job. i like your post and following.

ripple the bankers game plan to destroy all of us and now its destryoing all of them lol

Anything that includes "TAXES" is very interesting to hear :) Nice post!



Those boys are my people! good friends

That is some anger you have there brother!!! Well justified though xD xD

I would really love to hear about some of the other altcoins and your opinion on them....stellar, verge for example.

That reaction when you spell the morgan world lol i am becoming your huge fan hahahah

The sky rocketing price of ripple had me interested in it but when i looked at the history of this coin i decided not to invest. The price of ripple was stable and with out a growth before nov 2017.

i am glad that his children are not that dumb he had put the whole market in red one with his statement

Ripple you nailed it at that moment in the video shhh shit coin hahah

fake media i quickly recalled trump lol
and jamie oh boy what a loser he is

You always make good information for us, the video is very good for us.i'm your fan bosss.

upvoted and resstem

thanks for support...see my latest..and remember..the dollar is toast.


Enjoy the vote and reward!

We don't need FIAT in future
l like video
Resteem your post sir.


@broncnutzThis is great video and professional work

Wow...very interesting video, beautiful post. Thanks for sharing

very good video


yes ripple prepare for takeoff!

i am taking your voice as an advice, it will be important for future investment.

resteem this

JP Morgan back in the business looks like no more money left in the pocket

now i am taking your advises for seriously sir..thanks for your support :)

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As we know that education is the backbone of a nation...
By this it is a nice post include informative
Thanks for sharing this post....

broncnutz the man hazzz spoken :)

Mr. @broncnutz Can I make a request? I see your upVote value is high.. :) Can you do a few posts of me upvoting please :) I can not replicate my money :((

You are very kindly Mr. @broncnutz .. thank you very much for upvote's.. i am so happy :)

Awesome stuff...I may have not gotten into Cyptos if it wasnt for your video when BTC was like 2400 bucks. I got some XRP and STR near the same time and they have done well but I may cut loose of some XRP and reinvest it in something else like more LTC. My Smartcash is all set and I hope to watch it grow. Thanks for another good video.

It's beautiful listening to you

No matter what, I steer clear of Ripple

Ripple has been garnering a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency world. ...Just like other cryptocurrencies, Ripple’s cryptocurrency, XRP also uses the blockchain technology.... However, unlike other cryptocurrencies, it is regulated and facilitates fund transfer for banks...

Upvote you @broncnutz

Thanks for the informative post.

Great videos @broncnutz...this videos very useful.