Education; It's Value and Barriers.

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Education is a deep word, a system that is very essential to a person and so as the nation. It is a key a success.

Education is very important. It is a key that can helps you achieve your dreams and can change your life to a better one. It is a precious tresure that no one can steal, a milestone that everyone wishes to finished and an achievement that anyone is always proud of.
Education helps us to prepare for our futures, and our lives. It made us overlook on how to deal challenges in our lives and to the society. It taught us lessons that molded to us to become who we want to be and lead us to the proffesion we dreamed off. Having an education is one of the best things you can give for yourself, a way leading to a better, more rewarding, fulfilling and prosperous life. An educated person is someone who perceives accurately, thinks clearly, and acts effectively on self-selected goals. And with this the nation benefits through this by having an educated and globally competitive members that will give pride for the nation's success.

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It is everyone's right to be educated but the saddest reality is there are people who can't afford to go to school. Education barriers takes away the hopes and right to be educated. The biggest barrier to many young people here in the Philippines is poverty. Many students are unable to finish education because they do not have enough money to support their needs in going school. Moreover, due to poverty, many students are forced to drop out and worked to support for their family. They are forced to give up their studies and carry out the obligations for their daily survival needs. Aside from this, the quality of education in the Philippines continues to be a challenge, despite of all the efforts made by the government still it is not enough. Number of students rapidly increases but the facilities as well as the resources barely matches the needs. The place who said to be a child-friendly place becomes its reverse because the students are being compensated because of the lack of the resources, facilities and even teachers. For Public Schools; classrooms are crowded with number of students being fit in a small room, and worst some stays at the gymnasium or an open field where they squat and had a class. Some schools had their schedule shifting where their class time are being reduced because classrooms are limited. Textbooks are not enough, making it to share each other with ratio of one textbook is to two or three students. As well as for some teachers who are bombared with classes to handle just to make sure the students had their lessons. There are even teachers who taught subject which are not inclined to their major. In this states how can a student able to focus on their studies? As for the students who are in Private schools, some are forced to transfer in a Public schools because of the school fees become expensive, there are some who can't afford anymore and forced to transfer. It would be a stressful situation for a student to transfer for an environment which you are not used into. It would buy some time to make the adjustments.

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The current situation of the system of education in the philippines could affect its nation and the future is at stake. Education is valuable and is the key to success. It leads success to the nation by having globally competitive and educated stake holders. It is essential and for today's system it must be improved giving a convenient and child friendly place to learn. It is not just the governments work but to the parents as well. The nation, the society must cooperate to break through this challenges. Education system must be improved.

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