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Good morning, afternoon and evening from me in England!

We visited The National Stone Centre here in Derbyshire UK yesterday, and marvelled at all the geological information regarding earth's make up.

There were some microscopes with tiny samples of different rocks, so I used the lens of my Huawei P20 Pro and took a picture of what your eye would see.

This Peridotite is a fascinating rock that's abundant in the earth's upper mantle.

It was a great day out and we all love visiting! It's also, only 8 miles from our house, so we are lucky to be able to pop in whenever we like.
Here's a few more pics of the day

A selection of beautiful stones from around the world

It was once very tropical here, much like the Bahamas. You can still see the huge coral reef shelf that still exists millions of years later. Many fossils have and are still being discovered here.

Ammonite fossils

It was once a sleepy lagoon

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