Financial Education Is Vital

10개월 전
I never felt the need to be financially educated until I came across the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", authored by Robert Kiyosaki. This book contains what my inner self was asking for subconsciously.


Ever since then, my mind has been totally focused on broadening my financial life. I saw the need to do this because I needed to be wealthy and not just conformable. You can call it greed but I call it goal.

Recently, I came across another wonderful book titled "Why A student work for C student", authored by Robert Kiyosaki. This also impacted more on my initial knowledge I have aquire from the previous book.

I got to learn reasons why the rich keeps getting richer, the way they think and the things they do to maintain the steady flow of wealth. I also learned how to control emotions, take and manage risk.

Talk about strategies involved in educating our children financial from a very tender age. This is to prepare them for the future ahead of them. If we as parents don't want them to make financial mistakes that will result in great consequences, it's better to educate them at this age.

Bypassing tax legally and using others people's money (OPM) to get rich is one of the things I so much love about this book. The book also talked about different varient, which went further to explain why the poor will always remain in the rat race.

In case you don't know, the rat race is just an illustration showing why the poor keeps working very hard to earn a living, while thinking they are moving forward in life, but end up remaining poor after retirement.

There are whole lot of things to learn from this great book, which is why I want to urge the public to find time to educate their selves by reading these books.

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