Dutch Language Education - Lesson #14 (Hear & Speak)

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You are in The Netherlands and you are going to a café to met a friend. I gonna help you to make it some easier for you. Good luck!

English Dutch
In the city center In de stad
Flying Dutch Vliegende Hollander
Nice Leuk
Friendly people Aardige mensen
To drink Drinken
Coffee Koffie
Tea Thee
Beer Bier
Terrace Terras
Sun Zon
Music Muziek
Cozy Gezellig
Have a chat Praatje maken
Orange Oranje
Sing together Samen zingen
Close Afsluiten
Bill Rekening
A lot of beer? Veel bier?
Taxi Taxi
Going home Naar huis gaan

Made with love, @DoWithLove


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@dowithlove - Leuk article, Yes i am learning Dutch from you. Keep writing, will follow your articles. It will help me whenever i go to Dutch.
Thank you for sharing.


Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! Thank you for the motivation as well @somenath30.

Kind regards,


  ·  3년 전

Good article, some day i will learn to know some vacabulary and i write in my notes


Thanks a lot, I hope that this lessons will help you with it :).

Hello, your support brought me here, and excellent content you have a follower.


Thanks a lot, you are always welcome :).

I'm an 3rd generation American with Nordic ancestors and this is perfect for me. We need it around here, the culture gets repressed around here for the most part and isn't taught in school anymore in leu of Spanish mainly.

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Thanks a lot for the appreciation @gregorypatrick

Also much love to TODC,


@dowithlove The course focuses on speaking and listening skills!


Bear = beer (the animal)

Beer = bier (the drink)


A bier with a beer sounds like a good time ;)


Great one Marco, thank you.



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I must be missing something. Where is the sound?

BTW Vliegende Hollander is Flying Dutchman
Naar Huis is Home
You could make it more meaningful by changing it to
Naar huis gaan - Going Home


Flying Dutch has been referred to a café, which name also meen "Vliegende Hollander''. Thank you for the opinion ''Going home''.

Maybe I will make sound for the future, but now the lessons are made for reading!

Regards, @DoWithLove

Your posts are great. Waiting for the next!

  ·  3년 전

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This is helpful to have language lessons taught within a useful context! A suggestion for improvement that I have is to include pronunciation of words, at least in text via hyphenated phonetics. Thank you for your post!