Alone and bored at home? Here are 5 fun things to do

4년 전

So, are you alone at home and you're done watching the whole series Home alone? Do not tell me that you could not identify on some exuberant and fantastic ways to have the house down and have fun all the time. Oh, maybe you want things to be easy ... or is it? So while being home alone can be extremely boring and full of responsibilities, but with them comes the pleasure of doing as you please, and if you believe me (not like you have an option) I would rather hit the bed, pretending like I'm dead and waking up to watch a whole season of Sex and the City. Or maybe I'd settle for One Tree Hill, oh that I have to fetish for Brooke and David Clothes Over Bros But maybe that's not your idea of ​​fun, but then you got Xbox too, and that's sure a idea of ​​fun and frolic. Not that? That's how you do so much better for you.

5. Clean up the place (Even if the first one you have to mess up

So, you believe me, you will feel more proud than the President of the United States after handling the mess. You would probably start to believe that you could offer cleaning services and make huge money. Yeah, that's the whole idea of doing this mess, clicking an image, and then erasing the mess. You would have the picture before and after and you would be oh so proud of having shot that off. And maybe you can hit your bedroom as messy as it is, you do not even have to mess around again. It is fun, it is tiring and then you would sleep as it is nobody's business. Well, he's actually not.

4. Make yourself a photo wall (or a collage)

Remember those moments as a kid when time studies off supposedly you will have trick and all that. Go back to those good old days and take out the old photo albums that you can put in the house. Look through old photos, remember old memories (you'd be bursting with laughter in some of them). Pick on the few who have the best stories attached and get to work on a wall of photos or already photo collage. So, by the time you're not so lonely and bored, you'll have a pretty thing to brag about and you'll get all the honors.

3. Get your friends to sneak in and host a party at home

Now that may not be the idea of having fun alone because you are no longer alone, but it's like having fun all the way. Call those friends who would be for a part of the house, on a playlist list that will bring the house upstairs and call for pizza delivery. Or maybe you could just have each of your friends get a few cans of beer and grab crisps and sandwiches and you'll be done for the next few hours. Make sure the neighbors do not put in the police.

2. Create looks and pretend to be like celebrities (and get clicked)

Now this one is going to be a hell of a lot of fun once you're done with the photo shoot. Get some temporary hair colors, style your hair like every one of them, from Presley to Rihanna, get the makeup done (you'll be brushing over your makeup skills too). Accessorize a lot, and be proud of how many looks you shoot from. Click on the pictures, make a snapchat story and click on a lot of selfies. You are sure to go to have fun. Do not try Lady Gaga looks good (Ending with raccoon eyes is not your idea of fun, or is it?)

1. Enjoy drunkenness and register

And then maybe there are times you can point to nothing better to do. Go high on alcohol (but if only it hits you enough for you high). Get high, admit that dancing and all the while you record. Maybe the next time you're home alone, you'll never be bored for you will have something to watch and laugh your guts. Believe me, if you get high, the funniest thing to do is to see you in action. Be careful though, there are certain age limits attached and respect them. Do not blame me for warning.

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