children are future generations

3년 전

Future generations of the future is a generation of passion, ideals and responsibilities, the young generation of the future is a young generation that controls IMTAA and IMTEG, Young Generation master the science that is based on Faith and Piety to Allah SWT as His Word In Surat Al -Mujadah Verse 11.

  • يرفع الله الذين آمنوا منكم والذين أوتوا العلم درجات *
    Meaning: God exalts the Degrees of the Believers and the learned knowledge of several degrees.

The proverb says by faith our lives will be directed, with a life of blessing will be blessed, the art of living will be beautiful, and with the science of life will become easier.

The key to the attainment of the hereafter is the science, the key person to the attainment of the hereafter is the science, the man with much knowledge he can work on and vice versa his little bit of knowledge can work, and our power depends on our science.

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