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Personal power is the capacity that human beings have to influence the conditions of our lives to fill your needs. This power is mental and emotional feature and we can exercise it in a positive way to our lives.

How to build personal power.

1 Strengthen the faith, have to believe in yourself.

2 Believe that victory is achievable.

3 Believe that you can achieve the cosasla achieve otherwise may not.

4 Strengthen our positive thoughts.

5 Investing in education.

6 Stop saying that we don't have time, time is what we have in life.

7 Work, perseverance and dedication are key words in our personal power.

8 Identifying fears and overcome them.

9 Improve our appearance.

10 Avoid saying these words, impossible, can not do it.

11 Discuss with arguments.

12 People avoid toxic.

13 Think big.

14 Strengthen our goodness.

15 Thank God and life that is alive.

Try to build their personal power and see that his life and of his environment changed positively.

God bless you.

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