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On Monday I started a web-course about co-operative values and principles. It’s one of the last courses (and part of the international studies) I have left before I can start writing my thesis.

This course is part of the network studies, the network being a group of ten universities in Finland. I find it pretty amazing. It gives the students the possibility to choose courses from different universities (and areas) for free. It offers multidisciplinary, web-based minor subject courses and modules related to the co-operative sector and social economy. For me it’s a very big relief that I can study online basically whenever I want as I have a small child at home and I mainly have time for myself after she goes to bed.

The other interesting thing is that our study group is quite multidisciplinary, we have people from different backgrounds, countries, Universities and disciplines with different motives to start the course. This means I can learn a lot from others. Also, the course and all the tasks will be in English so it gives me a chance to develop my language skills too.

Even though my husband is a native English speaker and we speak English at home, it is different when having to study or write in a language. For me, it is difficult to write and takes me a fair amount of time to create. I am hoping that studying more and being forced to write in English will also give me more skills to write here as well. Perhaps study and Steem can feed each other.

So looking forward this “me-time” among the studies!

Hugs, Momone

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It also takes me a lot of time to write in english here. These days I write mainly on my phone (because all my pictures are there) but I know I make a lot more mistakes.. even though it's handy, it's also more difficult.

But hey, good luck with your studies!

  ·  작년

I don't even write with my phone so no excuse there. ;) But maybe it's more important that the message will come through. And thanks, I hope I will finally graduate next spring.

  ·  작년

You got a 27.92% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @momone!

Very well done mam. Improving oneself in some way is never a bad thing and being able to hit a two in one with the steemit and studies is great while raising a child and tending to your husband. A mother's work is never done.