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I’ve had huge difficulties to find or decide the subject for my thesis and I’m meant to start working on it next week. The problem is that I could choose basically whatever subject inside the area of organizational communications so there are too many options. I have had many ideas but every time there is something that makes me go “naah, not so sure about this.”

Either someone has already written a thesis on it, the theory seems to be too difficult or you would have to collect your material through interviews which makes it too complicated again. See, I need to just get it done but I don’t have too many months to spend on it.

So what is “left” and interests me is the crisis communication in companies, especially how they have handled it through the social media. I would need a “good crisis” though..sounds terrible, right. Hahah. Nike’s “Just do it” would fit to be the headline of my thesis though since I just need to get it done. 😉

The other option on my mind was recruiting communications and how the companies are trying to brand themselves through it. I’ve worked in recruiting before so in that way it is interesting. Also, the material for this research would already exist online.

I had a third idea, but my professor didn’t approve it since it was more about media and journalism than organizational communications. But it would have been interesting to think about what is personal/private and what is public in media these days when it comes to a public figure such as for example, a politician. I’ve had questions about the freedom of speech versus ethics in journalism. But hey, maybe someone else can get an idea from this.

But what do you think? Which way should I turn? Any new (better) ideas? Much appreciated.

Hugs, Momone

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge

Does it really matter if someone else had already done a thesis on it? You're likely to see and do it in a different way anyway :)

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It depends if you are able to find a viewpoint that is different enough. Easier said than done at times.

when in my case my project supervisor chose a topic for me. According to him topics ate not researchable and I have been stuck for months now.

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Oh no. Hope you will be able to move forward with your topic.

Interesting what Nike is doing at the moment with Colin Kaepernick. I hear he was on their payroll even before kneeling during the national anthem. I wonder how Nike are handling going up against a president who is loose with his words on Twitter.
I think the new tools for organisational communication such as Slack for one would make interesting studies.

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Hey, thanks for the tip! :)

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