OPENSCHOOL: Call for Teachers !

3년 전

We are looking for teachers all around the world to support and help students all around the world!   

The Openschool aims at providing education to remote areas of the world where there is a lack of quality teachers and educators. Thanks to the communication magic provided by the Internet, it is the first time in the history of mankind that teachers can animate a classroom located thousands of kilometers from their location.   

To get started, a few thoughts of what international education can provide to classrooms in remote villages:  
  • Allows students to open their eyes on opportunities, 
  • Gives them ideas on how they would like to orient their lives,  
  • Shows them that there is another world outside of their bubble, and that the people outside of that bubble are like them, feeling, thinking and loving human beings, whatever their culture and origin,
  • Gives them freedom of thought,
  • Make them realize that we are all connected. What happens in one place of the world even far away, can have a direct impact on their lives,
  • Tell them they have a role to play in developing a sustainable path for humanity
  • Etc.

The Openschool is already open and active. It all started on Steemit. We have set up a first link between a teacher located in The Netherlands (@muphy)  and a teacher in Nigeria (@obamike). Now, a regular schedule has been set where every Monday, @obamike and @muphy animate a physics class located in a defavorised region of Abeokuta Ogun state in Nigeria. 

The map looks like this for now…  


We want to make it look more like this:


We need more teachers to make the OpenSchool grow and support hundreds of students across the entire world. Please help us find some by re-steeming this post!  

Check these posts showing how a lesson looks like:

From the online teacher's perspective:

From the classroom's perspective:


Would you like to join us and give a chance to students from remote areas to get another view of the world? It can be culturally challenging, yet I can guarantee, by experience, it is worth it! Besides, such action is really at the root of our vocation: by being a teacher, make the world a better place.  

Would you like to join us, and expose your classroom or school to another way of approaching knowledge and seeing things? Would you like your students, that do not have always access to quality education, to have a chance to be guided by great teachers. Would you like them to learn, reflect and then build by themselves their opportunities for a better life?  

If you’d like to participate, The Openschool will put you in contact, and then it would be up to you to build a teacher-teacher or teacher-school director relationship and set up the internet connection schedule and lesson content. 

If you have questions on the streaming side, let me know and I can help. For the receiving side, all depends on the local situation. However if we receive SBDs or Steem from donators, we would make these funds available for solving the technical issues.   

All teachers and educators that can share their knowledge are welcome. One condition though: what is taught must be part of an official middle school or high school program.   

Ready for the human adventure? Contact me (@muphy on discord or in the comments of this post) and I will list names and subjects to a list. When I find a match between “streaming” teachers and “receiving“ classrooms or schools, I will put you in contact. 

When the Openschool project gains momentum, it will become the first Highschool of the Blockchain, where access to knowledge would be truly independent from location (decentralized), and free for all. Just imagine, a global network of hundreds or even thousands of teachers helping tens of thousands of students… Wouldn’t that be the best contribution we teachers could make for a better world?  

 You are not a teacher, but would like to help us?  

  1. Delegate Steempower to the @openschool account.
  2. Transfer SBD or Steem to the @openschool account.
  3. Follow the @openschool resteem and upvote our posts and resteemed posts at full power.

Steemians carrying out Actions 1 and 2 will be mentioned in our posts as active supporters of the @openschool. The money generated would be used to overcome the technical challenges teachers in remote areas may face in providing internet based lessons to full classes of students.  

_ All images (except the picture) were found on
_ Many of the teachers on Steemit use and follow the steemstem and steemiteducation tags. These tags have been used for this post in order to reach to them.

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This is an amazing idea! Good luck with your project!


Thank you @elemenya for the kind donation! Your support is very much appreciated :-).

The OpenSchool account will keep a record of all direct donations and communicate when / which purchases are carried out.


Thank you @Elemenya.

I checked your intro post, you are a quite an interesting and resourceful individual!

If you like sharing the spark you have in you with others, especially the kids that do not have the chance to approach knowledge easily like we do, consider joining the adventure of The Open School!

Be well, and stay inspired!


Thank you! I didn't offer to teach because as you might have read in my intro post I have no formal qualification of a science degree. The only subject I am professionally qualified to teach at the moment is languages/linguistics. I will contact you on steemit chat for further information.


Hi @elemenya,
Just in case you haven't been on your Steemchat, I left you a message there a few days ago.
Be well


Hi Elemenya, just to let you know I posted the OpenSchool white paper: It should allow you to get a clearer idea of the initiative until we find a common moment for a Skype :-)

I would be happy to help once in a while, but time is my problem. In any case, good luck with this project! It is a very nice one!


Thank you @lemouth for your encouragement and support!

Yes , I think in order for the project to work, there is a certain level of dedication from all actors. It cannot be thought of something on the side like a "time-to-time" activity. The students must feel that the teacher cares for them in order to be fully receptive, thus for the lesson to be 100% effective. That requires a certain regularity, hence time.

I admitted I pondered the idea for a while before going into it. Because once the project launched, I needed to make sure that I could hold schedule-wise.

The solution I found was to integrate my weekly lessons with Nigeria, within my professional lesson schedule like if it was for one of my customers (student, group or classroom). By linking it to my professional activity, I realized I can optimize the time required as it allows me to make it part of my weekly 'routine'.

Think about it ;-)!


I am already running after time and I cannot cope with everything I have to do. Even if I really want to help.

This year, I will go to Africa (partly funded from my own pocket) to teach to African students. Most of them cannot afford a trip outside to attend particle physics schools, so that a school decided to come to them. It got funding to support the trips of the 80-90 students and I am very proud to go there to help. My contribution to make this world better :)


Wow! That is just amazing @lemouth!

I am very curious about that. Can you tell me more?


@trumpman also asked me about it. I may write a post about it soonish or later. When I will have finished my two-post series on the CPT-symmetric universe :D

This is a challenging project and it could definitely help students learn more. Good luck!


Thank you @sakura1012.
Yes ,it is challenging but the good this project can spread around is well worth the effort!

If you know any teacher in the Philippines that could be interested by the idea (as streamer or receiver) please let us know!

Be well.


If only I am a Physics major and I have a lot of vacant time I would gladly volunteer. Yes, I will promote this project to teachers I know and I will definitely notify you.