Childhood of the children is not for labor!

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Hello everyone, I hope all are you fine by the grace of God!

Today's my post is about child labor. Child labor is a giant issue in the modern global world. This issue is widely spread all over the world. Many children doing child labors because they do not have many resources and their families could not able to teach them and they sent him to some working spaces for work. Unfortunately, the child has to work for his families and they have no other choice to do so. They work very hard sometimes they have to work in factories as a worker in which they are labor as we know that how difficult is to work as a labor and especially for a child who is not mature and too young for that kind of work.

Many children work as a mechanic in the mechanic shops. The shopkeeper gives them a very hard task to do for the shop. They have to do that kind of work. Sometimes they have to lay down in the car and the whole car is hung on it and still, they work with great hearts they know that if there is sometime gonna wrong they are in real trouble. Many children lost their lives while working below on the cars and sudden happening here and they lost their breath, unfortunately.

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Sometimes a child has to collect garbage and waste materials. They have to wash the waste and garbage from streets homes dustbins etc. As a person of the 21th century but our mind levels are too old that we believe in child labor in such works which are not for a little child. Unfortunately they want something for their home to take in the night to have a dinner with his whole family.

Little child put their lot of efforts to get work many people beat him and thrown them from their shops and working places because they are poor and not looking good.

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As you can imagine that this is not for such child even these little child get many diseases from these places and they have no proper treatment they lost their life, unfortunately. This is an alarming situation for the young labor children because they have to work in such age in which they have equal rights to study as the other child go to school and get an education.

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Yes child is meant to learn

Not to earn!

Damn! true fact!

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child labor took them as a drug addicted!

Many children go for the work in which they meet new people every day. They have to work with both good and bad. Shopkeeper also concerned with work they don't care what they are doing. Many children get the bad habit of drug addiction from where they are working. The reason is that because they are looking the elders which are doing smoking or they taking other drugs. The little child think in his mind serval time!

What is that?
What is for?
Why are they doing?
Is it good for me?

These Questions bring them towards these such things which destroy their lives in no times and become a drug addicted!

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Point of view!

In my point of view, the happening just because of the negligence of the Govt. and the families of the child both are responsible for that giant issue. Govt. must take some quick steps to overcome the issue because many little childrens lost their lives in such conditions which is not bearable for everyone.

Parents of the child also realize that issue of the child labor because they put their lives in danger which destroy their childhood in no times. I know its difficult to live in such situation but parents should have to take a step as well and "say to child labor!"

Children are petals of the flowers they are a blessing of God and we should realize that fact and help them in saving their lives and futures as well because they are too young for such conditions and for works. It's our moral duty to give respect as well.

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Hope you guys like this article about the child labor in the early stage which put them in giant danger issue and also destroy their futures and snatch their childhood and their smile which is a blessing of God!

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We all should come forward from our own places!

We all can make a change for better to save the little angels!


Yes with joint effect its possible only!

We all should come forward from our own places!

We all can make a change for better to save the little angels!

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