Nothing is important than success

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Hello everyone I hope all are you fine by the grace of God

In this article I want to share some interesting success story of my students, by the grace of God they passed their examination with the brilliant marks, they prove their self that they have a great potential that they can compete any other students in the field of education.

When I'm starting teaching it gonna so bore for me but with the passage of time, my interest gonna change and I like this profession.

Although teaching profession required great patience and tolerance because at the moment you have to control the 42 to 45 students, sometimes some students are so naughty but you have to bear within a professional way and also guide them in a good way and try to notice their activities and tell about the classroom manners as well as tell about what is good or what is bad.

I have some students that come to my home for home-tuition studies, all are very good in studies but they are very naughty I taught these students with great love and care and I also plan some extra activities for them to increase their interest in studies.

They are all very good in studies but in some subjects, they face many problems and I guide them and told that you must be practics it again and again now a day my student pass their exams with good marks, In subjects, they have problems but they got a good mark in these subjects.

Let me show you the great effort that they have done!

My student name is M-Usman and he passed out a nursery class and now he in a prep class, He got very good marks in exams. In English writing, they have some problems they forget the face of small "b" or small "d" but I guide it and tell the difference between "b" and "d" and now they get full marks in it.

See there Result Card!

My other student, Her Name is Arooj Fatima

She also got very good marks she is very intelligent in studies and her picking level is very good she pick the everything very quickly she had a very sharp mind, her oral level and written level are very well.

See there Result Card!

I hope you like it and happy to see the success of these sweet students, who really done great hard work and got a good position in school

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Please share your valuable feedback about this post. So in future, I will make better as I can. Thanks for your precious time to reading this post

Regards: Nida_Sahar
CEO of "Graphics Channel, Rainbow Warriors, Cross Technology"

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Great post! Lets do this together at @souldelas.


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