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Today it is very important to start telling about the crisis in the

modern world.

Dazzled by the achievements of science during the 18th and 19th

centuries, many westerners thought that religion had exhausted

all its usefulness and surrendered to science once for all. Almost

all the eminent western psychologists and sociologists expressed

themselves in similar terms. Freud, the renowned psychologist,

for instance, while demonstrating the futility of religion in modern

times says that human life passes through three distinct

psychological phases: superstition, religion, and science.

This being the era of science, so all religion was pronounced out of date.

There is no denying that there were certain causes which led the

men of science in Europe to adopt a view of life antagonistic to religion

. It was mainly due to the great controversy, that raged between

men of science and the Christian church, which made them think

quite justifiably of course that whatever the church stood for was

reactionary, retrogressive, backward and superstitious, and that

therefore it must vacate its seat for science so as to enable humanity

to move ahead on the path of civilization.

Without appreciating the difference between the peculiar conditions

of life obtaining in Europe at the time of this unhappy conflict and those

in the Islamic world, a section of people has been demanding the

renunciation of religion and of the sacred traditions that have come

to us from our earlier generations. This move has been strengthened

by the puerile imitation of the West that is gaining currency in the

Muslim lands. Many naive people fancy that the only way to progress

is to follow the dominant nations of Europe, intellectually

and culturally. to achieve this they have to discard their religion

just as Europe had done failing which they fear they would be

trapped in an abyss of reactionism, backwardness, and humbug.

But such people overlook the fact that even in the West, not all

the outstanding scholars were antagonistic towards religion,

nor do their works exhibit anything of this sort. On the other

hand, we find some of these eminent intellectuals who were

never under the spell of Europ's Godless materialism and who

affirmed that religion is a psychological as well as an intellectual

necessity for mankind.


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