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Hi, good day everyone. I am here for another purpose entirely, and what is that purpose? I found out that as a student, many people are finding it difficult to study and understand what they are reading thereby making them to fail in their course of study. As a student, I have found some method we can use in curbing this challengesin reading. It is called SQ3R method

What is study skill?
This is a method or technique that is been adopted while studying in order to have a prompt understanding of what you are reading.

I will be highlighting some study skills which acronyms are SQ3R.


S Survey
Q Question
R1 Read
R2 Recite
R3 Review
These method has been tested and proven by me and it has gone a long way in helping me understand what I have been learning

SURVEY This is actually getting the best overall picture of what you are going to read first before starting to read. This is just like looking at a road map before going on a trip

QUESTION There are always heading to any book you are reading. For example, you want to read a book titled "Causes of examination failure". Ask yourself this question, "What causes examination failure" or "Why do people fail in examination?". This will help you in knowing what you are about to read in details

READ Read every material under the heading with the purpose of getting the answer to your question. Read with concentration, also you identify the main ideas and highlight or underline them.

RECITE This is a process of reciting out loud the answer to the question you asked prior to reading a section of the text without looking at the material.

REVIEW After been through with the entire chapter, look over the notes you have made to familiarize yourself with the important information there in. Check your memory by reciting the main points out.

Hope I have been able to help you better?
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