Education and schooling aren't the same thing.



I'm not a genius; but, I would dare to say that I'm not an idiot.

I actually didn't do particularly well in school until I began college. Even then, to my surprise, I excelled in the class that most people dropped because it was too hard and struggled in the classes that people breezed through.

I've come to believe, over the years, that schooling benefits the complacent and punishes free thinkers.

The class in which I excelled, which started with 170 students and ended with fewer than 70 with only 17 getting As, me proudly one of those 17, had no multiple choice questions. My professor would sift through all of our essay questions and grade us on our understanding of the material, not our ability to regurgitate information. On one of my midterms, he actually wrote, "Interesting point, I never thought about it like that." next to one of my essays.

The classes in which I struggled were the extensions of primary and secondary school; namely, the multiple choice, Scantron, regurgitate what you were told tests.

Mark Twain once said, "I've never let schooling get in the way of my education." Sir Ken Robinson maintains that our school systems kill creativity. I would dare to say that they're both right.

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