Ranting on: The Rackets of the System | #1 - Rent

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So, let me get this straight.

We are completely used to paying a large portion of our monthly debt-born inome for an outdated, purposefully ill-designed and artificially wasteful dwelling that has long been paid off decades ago and is continuously being recreated everywhere in order to keep up its high degree of prevalence and its resulting inefficiency for society at large, in order to be maintained as the standard across society.

The heater is usually placed right underneath the window. Heat conservation - nonexistent. Houses are built from brick and mortar, not utilizing any long-known basic concepts like thermal mass to heat or cool the house passively, nor does our house do anything for its inhabitants safe that it provides a roof and somewhat acceptable levels of rain protection. It does not gather water, produce food or generate electricity.

Now, some Western societies do prefer to build their houses out of wood which would be awesome were it actually long-lasting and able to withstand major disasters like earthquakes or hurricanes that seem to reappear in certain areas every year with the same devastating result to the dwelling.

What we humans need in our houses in terms of energy has to be supplied from the outside, electricity, gas, water. Self-sustainability ZERO. Purposefully so - what would happen to the "industry" if it were no longer needed to squeeze us for redundant supply chains.

We flush our human waste down with a good 3 gallons of pristine drinking water every time, we continously paint the inside of our houses in toxic colors to fulfill the rent contract even when white walls don't particularly scream "happiness" and comfort of living. And we pray that there will never be a problem with our sewer systems that hide away our bodies' waste that could actually be put to great use in producing fertile organic food and surpluses! Nono, we'd rather all get used to wasting our fertilizers in a costly manner and buying so-called "fertilizers" that are hugely labor-intensive, environment-taxing redundancy champions based on petroleum products and crude oil to do the job we don't dare our shit to do.

But back to our "housing" extortion racket ;)


Any larger modification in the greater building structure always requires some kind of permit by people who don't actually live there with us - politicians, bankers, lawyers, landlords. The people who originally borrowed the money from a bank (which created the money on the spot) so that they - the owners of this dwelling - could have a way to make money by allowing other people to live in their houses they, for some reason, could never afford to purchase - for a fat monthly premium of course. Sure, you can't afford the house so you pay three times the basic amount of monthly fees on average, makes perfect sense!

Everybody needs to make money right? Blablabla, it's such a tired old story I am not sure we need to dive further into that. As a smart dude once said: "The system isn't broken, it was designed this way."

And no real evolution visible

I continue to see new houses that are still being constructed - in 2019 - by the very same methods our parents and grandparents have had their houses constructed regardless of all the advancements humanity has stumbled upon that could radically decrease or even abandon the need for continued costly maintenance of inefficient dwellings. And don't pretend like it's all peachy today, double isolation windows and solar panels, give me a break. Compared to what we could have today, our common houses and apartment buildings for the common man are an utter joke. A people's life-foce energy-milking farm.

We have fuckin' smartphones today, we can know any translation for a language unknown to us - instantly - by the push of a button, and for more than a hundred years we have been able to analyze our broken bones inside the body without ever needing to cut open the skin, thanks to a rather futuristic looking machine that still seems like science fiction. There are drones today that take movie captures directors could have only dreamed of mere years ago, and we can get a freakin' bigmac at the far ends of the Earth that tastes exactly like one around the corner from where our substandard dwelling is located...

And yet(!!!!) - we still build the same tired old structures that keep us shackled to the need for significant income just to pay the unnecessary expenses that could be entirely avoided if that were actually the system's design and aim to make these costs obsolete instead of piling them on to ever more and more audacious degrees. And what can we do but play along, right? Well, I'm not so sure it's that clear cut or a good enough reason to defend the status quo.


But since every part of the corporate, socialistic machine we currently live in is designed to create artificial need and issues to constantly be serviced, we continue to not question it. "Nope, it has always been this way, nothing we can do. Rent is totally normal and..." It's quite funny if it weren't so sad. It has to be this way because? Oh that's right because we have been told it has to be this way by people we have never met nor would trust with the keys to our dwelling. Makes perfect sense, since everything we have ever been told by the authorities of our age MUST be true and worth something, right?

The money we gather to be able to service these issues is ultimately a conversion of our lifetime and energy into a bottomless pit that is ever increasing in diameter and scope. And most people think it's totally normal, necessary or even commendable that some people rent out their living space to others in order to live off the difference; rather than questioning the whole freakin' structure of debt and scarcity. Of systemic lack and coercion we simply pass to our brother because we all somehow still choose to play this game, regardless of what we know and have understood.

If you think it's normal and perfectly logical to keep paying a significant portion of your income for substandard housing - despite all the technology and innovation humanity has made in the last 200 years - you must be either insane or completely unaware of what is possible. Most people I talk to who are of that mindset have simply never heard of the alternatives like Earthships that have long succeeded in tackling all these unnecessary problems associated with insane costs for poor design housing.

If you are curious come check out Earthships today, as merely ONE of the examples of how all these problems have long been solved but are vehemently held back from becoming the norm. An amazing blog that goes into thorough detail on these types of dwellings is @eco-alex whom I can highly recommend you check out.


It's not that houses like Earthships are free of cost - but once they have been build you can actually start using your life energy for your passions and to increase your livelihood instead of hanging onto a purposefully ill-designed barge that has long started to sink.

No recurring problem - no recurring payment. Same problem as fucking ever since at least the time of ancient Greece or Babylon when the self-appointed rulers conceived the idea to coerce people into the fake obligation to rent out their life energy for the mere sake of existing. In all sorts of ways!

It's become so boring and redundant knowing what we know today.

Let's finally break the cycle shall we? We really have better things to do with our lifetime and energy, like seeding new ways for generations after us to base their decisions upon... Better decisions...


If you would like to read something contradictory to the way "it could be" check out my recent "Why Things Can't Be Different"

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wow supercool idea! Ill definitely add it if can.

Thx for the upvote!

The governments keep the land all locked up to keep prices super high also, especially near cities. Of course the families of the government usually own most of it. Bingo.

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