Elastic is a scam project

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Elastic - Goes by XEL in a scam project and goes on by these specs.

Elastic Coin is known as XEL
Total Coin Supply: 100.000.000 XEL
Distributed Coins: 100.000.000 XEL
Elastic features the “Elastic PL” programming language
Normal nodes broadcast unverified POW/bounties
Super nodes verify work and broadcast verified POW/bounties
Guard nodes cross verify certain percentages of signed POW/bounties by supernodes to detect malicious behaviour

The current system is absolutely trustless. That means that there is no central authority verifying anything (such as all BOINC based coins, which rely on an external service controlled by a single entity and which could become rogue and cripple the entire coin), so we at Elastic have to make sure every node in the network verifies work by itself. To further act as a safeguard, Super Nodes check work processed by the nodes and a final level of security is in the Guard Nodes that check that the SuperNodes are doing their job

Sounds interesting but its just another scam coin and a request has been made to bittrex to remove this.

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They didnt scam anyone someone went rogue that had twitter access. have they been removed from the project i have no idea but i am sure that person does not have access to the twitter account. When this coin comes to fruition cause a finished product is up and working artificial intelligence will do the price right.