Important Videos Exposing the Biggest Election Fraud in US History #stopthesteal

10개월 전

Most of us, regardless what policy we prefer or desire, wish to have fair, honest and transparent elections. Correct? The latest elections (and maybe also some of the previous) were not as more and more evidence shows. First thing we can do is to be properly informed. Fake news media cartel doesn't make this easier for us so we need to do some extra work. Fortunately there are still some very good available materials, analysis and I post some of them here. Every one of them is worth watching in detail in my opinion. As time flows, we already have a ton of evidence and indicators of serious fraud. Some of those materials you can find below. When I find some more, I will add them here as well. Of course there are others but I'm trying to post only the most critical findings based on my best effort .

Important summary videos

Analysis (data and software)

Dr. Shiva analysis

Why Biden's votes not follow Benford's Law?


Trey Trainor - Federal Election Commission (FEC) Chairman


Sydney Powell

Very important videos from Sydney Powell

That's it. Consult other sources and make your own conclusion! Even if you deny some findings it would be good to clarify and explain all suspicions and anomalies, don't you think?

Enjoy and pray for president Trump and for all brave people who are stepping forward to expose this historical MEGA fraud (as I can see it based on the available evidence), for fair elections results and for the exposure of all election fraud details and justice of all election fraud actors. Or if you don't agree with anything, then pray for fair and honest election results, at least. Thank you!

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