And so I saw their feet


{"Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying" - Arthur C. Clarke ... Today's post is an entry for @tygertyger's Electric Dreams Contest. Love it when aliens just pop out of nowhere, blow shit up and say "LMAO!" The dastardly fools, love 'em... Today's music-aide: Eidolon step by Fleetwire.}

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- And so I saw their feet -

And so, my pointing finger came barreling down to the desk.

There was no sound, there was no gratification, nor pain nor... something beneficial at first. My finger caressed the wooden feel of the table and my eyes demanded to see the damage down. Only tars of black and dust came out of the baby fly, and my eyes so screamed that tears were going to flood out but I managed to suppress them.

Why have I done such, for the baby fly hadn't done a deed? It even had trusted my finger, followed it around, had buzzed nothing to annoy my ear nor tried bombing my eyes. In so saying so, there were bigger flies of which my finger could've squished and had dealt away with. In that, I had given my vocal praises to the World governments either blown up or forced to step down.

Funny what the news had always said of my nation's foes, saying that their regimes and dictatorships were the cruelest of the land. That heads flew if they even thought the wrong thing because they could penetrate minds or brutally hack limbs away if you hadn't done one courtesy right. But my ears and eyes were deceived by those bigger flies making them small flies look terrifying; droning around that they end the World because they thought they could.

It was in fact their scarlet banners remained, despite their architecture for old forms of government abolished. Before the mass means of electrons zipping across the World came to a halt, videos upon videos spread like wildfire of our nation's foes simply stepping down and to not make one provocation against the aliens. Yet the nations so oogly-eyed to mines shouted that the helm of democracy was threatened by their existence.

And big flies, them flies know how to make a ruckus; the aliens first couldn't care and their machines calmly floated above. Then came the collected buzzing chants and loud proclamations of war towards the governments that abdicated, soon buzzing to rush the borders and take whatever land they could. The first wave of lasers came and vaporized all the invading armies of the supposed democracy-bringers or freedom fighters. And so the buzzing pride of the big flies were shut.

Yet, like swatting away with the fleshy hand at the big fly doesn't necessitate their leave, the big flies came rushing back to stir up the passions of the World. As the heat of the flag wavers came and the light of angered folks marched, the big flies began buzzing hard and swarming and harassing all they could see. I heard many stories that they were justified because those dictatorships never really stepped down but went underground to continue their nefarious plans. But I give a second grace towards the masses as they drowned these lies out with the concerns that the governments aligned with corporations to cut the electron-emitting wires that allowed us to communicate with other people.

They first had their eyes screening for the ole lad Joey; though I had always wondered whether he was putting a veil or he really was comfortable with his identity. Joey enjoyed his weekly Sunday romp with the green street Hookers, not because he had fun with the flesh that flies couldn't penetrate. But when I was with him and the green streeters, we always walked away from the gay bars into the libraries. Nae to read books, though I can so awfully sight how much these gals had read, but to group up with the local students and conversate with them.

The retention of these young learning bees were something nice and better than in the days of past without the aliens, but I digress. How can I complain all day, but Joey was the true preacher and learner out of the mass we had; if my memory theatre is true to me, I even think I saw library staff and nearby workers rally up. He'd leaned in and showcase how even the minute fear of both workers and students stem not from the void but always pointed towards the ivory pillars out from the windows. His romp was the crowd, but the gals eased his speaking impediments and had orated as boldly as good Joey.

But if my memory theatre serves me well again, I can remember many a times the suits in blacks at the periphery of my vision. At points I really just feared these underlings of the big flies would turn me into processed meat faster than aliens. But they had their eyes on Joey, always waving that flag with the black panther around like he couldn't care at all. And like their whimsical nature, with him always on the edge to protest any movement to fling even a stone towards the aliens, they were ready to cut him up like they did with the wires. But the way they had cut it was no merciful ghosting of him, nor a mere cover up or a toss to the looney bin.

I can still remember that scene as first the phone would scream about the house and my feet stammered to let my hands answer it. My ears relayed all the signifiers to my mind, I heard his voice higher pitched than normal and more relaxed for a post-Sunday romp with the green streeters. He said I had to come to his house, he had to reveal something that he had been hiding for a long time; there again went my stammering feet to even approach the green streeters to come with me as back up.

Finally, we came to his apartment and our eyes saw the wounds of the house with the skin still freshly cut. I sprinted to his room as the others checked in tag teams to different parts of the room; lucky was my eyes when I saw his diary as I snatched it. Then a scream came through and the bark of orders for medicine echoed about the house. Though I hadn't a gauze nor painkillers, the tears of my eyes was the master key to get to ole Joey as his coughs breached from his mouth like explosions. Like Marat, his body heroically defied the counter-revolutionary flares but yet he still struggled with every inch of energy to refuse to die.

"Well, they finally came and slashed me away; I ain't no Marat but damn it will I defy death with every breath I labour. To tell you what I wanted to say, the diary contains all the things to help our movement. Yet these gals know who I am but yet I am grateful you brought them, I be a stuttering kid if you hadn't. But besides the point, I ain't who I am; I was told by doctors I was a girl but I always knew I was better a boy. Though I could never fully be one, it's been great to be thought of as one and be called a he. Tell the people who I am, a male despite Fortuna fucking up and making me not a male, yet I blame her not as those that blocked my way to becoming a male are the true villains. They are the pecking big flies we are trying to swat away. So fight on, fight for a World beyond this and perhaps a one where the aliens finally meet us."

Yet the radio shouted and drowned out his last heaves on this dirty, floating rock in space; all crying that the aliens fired beams at the capitals of the "still-standing nations and decided to continue floating." And here we were shocked that our biggest annoyance had been lopped off with ease, yet they didn't had the gall to reveal themselves. But I felt my arm grappled hard by dying hands, pulled with yet a great tug towards him.

"Ole Joey, what does this mean?"

"Heh, it means we have acquired a major leap for all the progressive movements in the World. But, with that settled, can you spare me one last gift so I can cherish it in my eternal slumber?"


"May I have a kiss?~"

My fingers tilted his limp head as my head reared in, lips gracefully connecting and enjoying the red-hot iron coursing betwixt our mouths. I never had tasted the lips of a man, but the taste nonetheless had me saddened as I couldn't forever lust into those lips - ones I wanted to long kiss. But his head came a pain to handle and so set ablaze a bigger flame then what the fleeing underlings of the big flies had anticipated. Wide and deep did the flame chase all the other underlings of them big flies that the benefit of squashing small flies like us was the quicker rate of their death soon meeting them.

Three years did the flames burned and all the areas that them big flies could infest, breed and gobble away had been cleansed of their corruption. And now, only us small flies buzz around but our buzzes never loud enough to penetrate through that so familiar yet unknowable material. Three years passed, the countries that had stepped down as soon as aliens came about had made head ways about the World to see what the hell had happened - all the same for the countries that hadn't stepped down. Their representatives told us that they heard the same story of the governments sending their latest technology to attack and kill the aliens, aliens responded by cutting off all the hydra heads from military installations to government buildings and had remained floating above these spaces.

But my eyes were so caught, every time we had a glimpse of them, of their stature. From the famished yet killer look into the slightly chubby look I could pull off I had stopped exercising for a few months. My ears were fascinated by their tones being more high pitched and voices sounding softer than what even the most "skeptical" of reporters dare chant them to be. My mind obsessing over their attitudes and platitudes and wanting to hand the olive branch despite them saying in the same breath that they still remember the pains inflicted on them. I swear my eyes wanted to tear out all throughout those three years, no incremental hostility did they ever show off and just reacting like any person would - yet there is something to be ashamed about for harboring such lies about them.

Us and them had long bantered about any remaining big flies or underlings lurking about in the shadow, yet both of us surprised that neither had seen them in a while. That really was the breaking point, yet my eyes reveled seeing the sun glimmering off their eyes and their lips still trying to give a smile. It may now not been much we have done to build connections, yet what does the lack of fast transportation really suggest about diplomacy at this point? Well, I guess we could be glad that the attempt for those bullet transportation and reestablishing of the electron-emitting wires; yet the thanks is short-handing from the long reach we all had been quiet over since the flames spread.

And so, with my hands washing my disgraceful pin-push on the small fly, I couldn't but wonder why we had kept quiet of the aliens. Guess it was in good faith due to their social awkwardness with us, yet I guess without being told to literally look at the sky of something that barely even gave a signal off that we could care less. After all, the small flies buzz around and we couldn't care; yet when the big flies buzz around and start their pestering do we wish they stopped annoying us. But I guess I can't really find trouble in such because I rather my heart strong not stressing over the minutia of life and rather be prepared to handle whatever big fly can buzz my way.

Then, my computer dinged and so sang lovely her one note before going quiet. The hands already dry, my fingers moved the mouse and saw the email exclaiming that the aliens had moved places and now coming towards the Earth. A honk rang out and my mind knew the only group that could honk that annoyingly: the green streeters. My body already bursted through the screaming door as my feet chucked me into the seat. A swath of bikes, trolley cars and running folks were racing towards capital building and the sound of the beeps and moving figure just gave us more motivation to pursue it. Then their door lid propped open and stabbed into the ground as stabilizing legs emerged from the space ship to stabilize it on the ground. And the quiet, for once, had became louder than our silence.

And so I saw their feet, spindling these floating creatures were but their eyes so tired and ragged. They poured out as a collective crowd before atomizing into separate floating creatures. All shades of black, two horns of black protruding from their head, ghostly on the bottom and limbs that phased in and out of the body. I loved that they didn't even had feet but mocked us for having such as they phased in and out of their form. A circus of chuckles rang out and they all bowed in response - each twitching in slight matters despite bowing in a wave. Then lines protruding from the all, it all punctured into one point and a new figure formed as they themself absorbed the other floating figures. They became into a dense puffy smoke and finally the silence broke.

"We are pleased that we hadn't a need to act more. Your faith and actions had been the evidence we needed to know you creatures are truly evolved. Though we had pushed your societal evolution, we are great it hadn't rebounded into caveman-esque collapse. We have but one proposition: do you wish to integrate into the Universe proper or to be left alone? We understand the prospects are difficult and we can give time if necessary-"

Like a Spartan democracy, the Earth had shook from the mass collective roar of overwhelming yes. They the alien had gleefully spun in place and fire-worked off to the air, blowing into a billion happy sparkles. The figure came back to tell the good news that the Earth had indeed shook and that it had accepted integration as well. And may my body finally heal because my body waved along with my wavy dress and sure did the catharsis came... Finally, we are blessed in the loving hands of Fortuna and her love is awe-some.


Two things: finally had a story I can say "it's shippable" and can be seen in the public - especially for an #electricdreams contest or a #tellastorytome contest which is now on the @bananafish - and also another experiment into first-person stories - hope I did well!~ >~<

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Hello @theironfelix!

Your way of describing things is always surprising.

I've been trying to read your post for two days, but blackouts always get in the way.

By the way, who the hell are those flies?

I suppose it must be a euphemism for our society and for the rulers who control us and decide what we eat, what we buy and what we wear.

The flag with the black panther was something of the late 60's, wasn't it? (History Channel)

Did Joey died?

Cheers, my dear!



Just the love for the language.

Indeed, it is a euphemism for the ruling class. And rulers have different forms of ruling to become a big fly. But not all rulers even care to what people do; yet without society, you wouldn't even know what an identity or an "I" is.

Yes, the Black Panther Party; the one of the few organizations that had cared to actually do anything positive with Black communities. (From actual History, interviews done by people who benefited/missed the Black Panther Party, Black Panther people like Fred Hampton and Angela Yvonne Davis and the Rainbow Coalition.)

Of course, what does a scene of a bathtub with a person bleeding in it mean? That they are sacrificing themself to Cthulhu or Hasturr?

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what a lovely conclusion and i love that the aliens are not evil but were there to correct course :)


UwU ~ Thanks for reading and thanks for the compliments!

Hey, I guess the rest were going to be horror, or apocalyptic or "muh hooman nature" types. So I wanted to give an actual realistic depiction of general working class type hopes and behaviours while mocking that any external force would bring mass havoc upon the Earth. (In essence, pointing that a system has to internalize something in order to react to it.) And with the moment of the aliens allowing themselves to be interpenetrated as we did with them, did something of change finally happen on this rock.