Electronero Wallet Released

2년 전

Today Electronero released their windows GUI wallet. So those of you who were waiting to access your ETNX from the ETN for can now access it. As a reminder, the fork was a 1:1 change adding ETNX from the Electroneum Blockchain.


In order to access your wallet head on over to

Once their download the program, and extract it wherever makes sense. Set the remote node to pool.electronero.org:28888 and follow the prompts to import your wallet. GG you now have electronero.

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REMOTE NODE IS node.electronero.org:20393
The pool.electronero.org:28888 will not work !!!


Official remote nodes:
node.electronero.org port 20393 (USA)
pool.electronero.org port 20393 (USA)
uknode.electronero.org port 20393 (London)
runode.electronero.org port 20393 (Russia)