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Welcome steemits to another blog post today and we would be talking about electronic instruments.
Am gonna divide this into two parts one for the basics and the other for advanced applications so that all would have a bit of the action
But before we begin i want to say that even beginners could get all the materials listed in both sections its just that the sections are to meet with the needs of both beginners and older hobbyist

For me this is a very important tool i mean this was the first instrument i got when i started learning. This is because in electronics you would like to observe the behaviours of components in your circuit i mean to find out the amount of current and voltage that each component is consuming and also when salvaging old parts to find out if the material is good or not.
I strongly recommend that u don't buy the cheap one that are usually small and limited. Go for the bigger ones, i was given this same advise and well i didn't listen and i did regret it i mean the didn't last up to 1 month all it took was just one accident and that was it i recommend ones as shown below.

images (1).jpg

Breadboard and veroboard/pcb
This board is used for prototyping i.e. testing out circuits. I know we have protus and other apps that do this well but nothing beats doing it for real and for beginners i strongly recommend that you do not start with this programs, do it for reals i mean all the circuits you will do have already being simulated its for u to try it out and see if it truly works and for this u need a breadboard. They are relatively cheap and really handy. So also is the pcb but this is used when u may have simulated the circuits. But unlike the breadboard that usually has tracks of copper, the pcb needs you to be able to solder this materials to the board.


Soldering materials

This include the soldering iron or station, soldering lead, soldering gum, lead sucker e.t.c. This are absolute necessities in soldering and all the projects that you are to encounter would need you to actually solder to a pcb for more permanent and practical use i would strongly recommend that you buy the soldering station if you can. One of its advantages is the control it allows you to gives over the temperature of the soldering iron which i can't get with a normal soldering iron.

images (8).jpg

Cutters, pliers and automatic wire stripper

This also are important because as you do more projects you would need to be opening the insulations of many wire and to do that you would need this cutters for a safe and more ridge job also even cutting a wire into two. The pliers can be used as extra hand when around very hot regions to safely make or even terminate connections. Also with the wire stripper you can safely remove insulations without damaging the main wire so as to prevent a higher resistance and a weak point.

images (7).jpg

Helpers or helping hand

I would say you get this as they are really helpful. They are basically used to provide steady grip on materials like a pcb when u want to solder or even join two wires this guys will prove to be good minions along the way

Wires wires and more wires

This is very important as it is what u would need for all your jumping connections i.e. connecting or providing a path for voltage to flow to another part if the board. I strongly recommend ones with the alligator clip at the end for testing but for breadboard applications u should use single copper wires or flexible wires i.e. ones hat are not split into strands

Advanced materials

Lets move to the big guns
Lap bench power supply

Very very useful for both beginners and all because you would need a way to regulate the power you are to feed into your circuit
. It is great especially if you want to test current and voltage limits in circuits and in your projects.

images (6).jpg


This is used to view the wave forms that are present in your circuit. Its really helpful if you want to learn more about whats going on in your circuit and would prevent you from guessing the output especially when conducting a personal project.

images (4).jpg


This is important for working with surface finishing when designing a project or when trying to salvage parts off old materials .Also when trying to repair common fixes around the house or any where. And i recommend the battery powered drill.

images (2).jpg

Hot glue gun

Its like having glue on the go. Some people say it cheap and its horrible and yes it is cheap but its not horrible .........maybe a little tho but who would you call when u need glue on the go exactly. They are used to glue two materials together. I find especially useful when i want to design something like an Fm radio and i need to put it in a case to make it look presentable.

images (3).jpg

Well guys this is pick for instrument that have and are still helpful to me. I would like to also know the instrument that have been helpful to you so far

Leave them in the comment section below and don't forget to upvote ,comment and resteem. Stay creative and i will see you in the next blog post

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