Inktober 2018 | Day 3 | Roasted



This is my third inktober challenge, the theme of day 3 is "Roasted". It is a nocturnal atmosphere where the protagonist of the sketch is the bonfire in which two malbows are included roasting. To make this drawing use: Pencil, ink pen and cardboard. Hope you like..



Thanks for visiting my Blog, I hope you have enjoyed a big hug to all!

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Day #1

Day #2

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I loved the main image, I really liked the way you did the firewood, they were great, Thank you very much for showing us your work @naideth.

A bright sketch for the challenge, I really liked it, greetings @naideth !!


Thank you so much!!

They are all great but this one has something that I like a lot .. It's a great sketch @naideth!

Excelente trabajo como nos tienes acostumbrados.. tiene un estilo caricaturezco que me gusta mucho, te quedo genial


Muchas gracias por tus amables palabras, lo aprecio mucho, un gran abrazo

Inktober is turning out to be quite a stir ... incredible the amount of artists that are showing their talent through these challenges ... I love that, and I love seeing so much talent in this platform, I know that you are working day and night to improve your skills , keep it up ;)


So it is dianita there are a lot of artists showing their great talent, the number of artists continues to grow and stand out here in Steemit, thank you very much for comment, a big hug

Nice picture for the theme "roasted", @naideth :) It's really what came to my mind also, roasting marshmallows over open fire and you've captured it very well !!! Good job ! :D


hank you very much @veryspider your work supporting the artists in steemit is admirable, a big hug !!

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