THE MUTANT .... watercolour & acrylic on paper/ Painting & Poetry by Neha B

3년 전

The beauty of art is that it is self explanatory. Thoughts in words or thoughts in colour, both are just expressions of a meandering mind :) . I like to dedicate poems to my paintings.
Here is my art and poetry composition, - "The Mutant ...."


At every turn , every twist.
At every step and breath she took,
She knew something was amiss.
Something just didn't feel right.
Even when things were perfect, it just didn't feel right !
Hell ! One day she realised that it was she who was not right.
She just did not fit into the cage !
Her soul was free .
Full of love.
Her thoughts were from far beyond.
She did not fit in.
World accused her of being a rebel.
Too strong and too independent.
Not good for her to be so, they said.
They accused her of being too "off the track".
Was she ?
Or her accusers were in abject misalignment !
Mutant she was,she finally realised.
To fit into the cage she stopped trying.
She allowed herself to breathe free.
In her own peace and her passion.
Her eyes smiled.
Her beauty shone through.
And people thought she was a goddess !
But just a mutant she was.
A mutant who stopped trying to fit into the cage.
A mutant who embraced her different hue.
Just a mutant not meant for the cage ! .....

Watercolour & Acrylic on paper by Neha B
Embrace your uniqueness. Your beauty lies in your uniqueness.

Thank you for your appreciation and support.
Success to all. :)


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again for sharing your beautiful Painting and Poetry with us :)


Always a pleasure 😊
Thank you so much, @bluemist, for your appreciation & support
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I liked the way you have drawn those feathers!, and also those eyes which speak a lot.... :)


thank you @geetharao . I am very happy that you liked my work. I enjoyed painting the feathers and the eyes :)

Great Painting, Great Poetry and Great Post @nehab (I Like the white Feathers)


Thank you, @blackrussian. Lately, feathers have been plaguing my thoughts. And I find them everywhere. I had to paint them. 😊💕.
Thank you so much for your appreciation and support.

Gorgeous words and stunning painting! 😀 💖💖


thank you. So happy and honoured by your appreciation, @beautifulbullies :)

I love everything on it.

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thank you so much for you love and support, @bloghound :)

Great painting @nehab. Once again, and a beautiful poem to back it. ;-)


thank you, @hungryhustle . I am happy that you like my work :)

This is truly amazing dear friend !


Thank you. Happy that you like it 😊.
jessica_thank-you (1).jpg

wow excellent painting 😱😱😱😱


Thank you. I am very happy that you like it :)

nice painting have a great potential....keep it up


Thank you. Honoured by your appreciation :)

Such a lovely painting with mixed media and as well as the poetry. Great job friend.


thank you. Glad that you like it :)

You have created so beautiful painting and I am surprised you could combine watercolor and acrylic. The big sad eyes they capture the attention, once can't stopped observing and studying the features of the face.

The poem fits very well to your painting. Your soul combines so many wonderful skills Neha and I am convinced you are nice and very interesting personality.


thank you, @stef1 for your beautiful feedback and appraisal. I often combine watercolour and acrylic. I like the fluidity of watercolour and the texturing of acrylic. You are a beautiful and loving soul. I would love to meet you some day !
And I am so sorry that I was not here for many days. And hence the delayed reply . Forgive me ! :)

Wonderful painting
with beautiful lines.
THank You for sharing..
Loved the eyes of the portrait


thank you so much for the appreciation and support. I am happy that the eyes spoke to you. @clicked :)