Clay Creations


Clay Creations


Hi, it’s @djynn here writing for @super-em.
Today, both of my kids are busy making charms with polymer clay.
@super-em was making monsters and I thought that the expression of them was awesome.
She also made panda earring for her friend as well.


They use Sculpey.
These are oven-baked clay.


I just love his face!


My older daughter @justaboutart has been making charms for many years and she is very creative.
She said that she is going to make a post of it so here is a little sneak peak ;)


Hope you enjoyed them as much as I do.
Thank you so much for visiting.


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What talent!


Thank you!

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What a great expression on that face @super-em! I love it! : )

If it wasn't for you @djynn, your kids wouldn't be so creative. Great job and I am looking forward to looking at the charms.

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Thank you @whatisnew.
The schools here don’t do enough art and music at school. I’m hoping I can provide them the different tools to express themselves and simply feel good about what they do.
Steemit is really helping us showcase our work and it’s been fun :)