Element Challenge - Week 1 - Fire

4년 전


Welcome to the first week of Element Challenge!

The idea is to take a photo of fire, water, earth and air

The theme for week one is...



Take a photo of anything that involves fire or heat

Create your own post with the first tag being elementchallenge and/or post your entries in the comment section of this post


  • The title of your post MUST be Element Challenge - Week # - Entry #
  • Each contestant can only have 3 entries
  • First tag of your post MUST be elementchallenge
  • You MUST only use your own original photography (all images will be checked for plagiarism)
  • You MUST upvote this main post
  • You MUST resteem this main post to help promote the challenge

Feel free to post your entries in the comments with a link to the original post

Competition closes at 18:00 GMT on Friday


1st place - 3 USD
2nd place - 2 USD
3rd place - 1 USD

All prizes will be paid in SBD at the USD value

The prize pool will increase depending on the post payout

If you would like to donate to the challenge that would be greatly appreciated

Best of luck!
Get snapping!


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This sounds like fun! I'm def going to enter!

Good Idea Southsea

Ok, I have to repeat one of my earlier posts, but I love the idea! 😉

Nice post
Please vote me