Another round of awesome Elitecoin (1337) news and giveaway

3년 전

What's happening with Elite:

  • Like playing games while earning Crypto? Elitecoin has been added to

  • Sign up at btcpop and get free Elite every 30 minutes from their faucet

  • You can also win Elitecoins in the regular trivia rounds and the monster fights on discord

For more information on Elitecoin (1337) check out:

And finally: the giveaway...

  • 100 Elitecoins for every user who upvotes this post and responds his / her username (either discord or twitter)
  • If more then 10 people participate, there will be a jackpot of 10,000 Elitecoins for one lucky winner!
  • 100 additional coins go into the jackpot for every resteem / retweet

Find the tipbots here:

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discord --> venky15921


coins sent out

Discord: coinictus


coins sent out

This giveaway is over, next one will follow in a week