Is Elon Musk an Alien ?

4년 전

Nice old article talking about why the author thinks Elon musk is an Alien.

The long list of stuffs he has been working on and thinking is beyond imagination of the best minds on earth.

The plan to blow up Mars
The plan to land on Mars
The plan to “die” on Mars
The Gigafactory
His knowledge of the sun
His knowledge of interplanetary law
His knowledge of how comfortable Dragon 2 would be for traveling through the Solar System
He lives in Bel-Air
His ex-wife affectionally calls him a cyborg
The Hyperloop
Bioweapon Defense Mode
He keeps warning us about World War III
He keeps warning us about the robot apocalypse
He can travel through time
He doesn’t behave like a human


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recently a friend of mine said he must be an alien... I googled and found lot of people do think the same and am getting convinced now :)


Welcome to the brotherhood, bro. :D

Correct information