Elrond future

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To date, Elrond has made significant progress in developing its product. Thanks to the latest iteration of their network, completely rewritten in the language of the GO code, the team was able to achieve 3750+ TPS in one segment, which is a significant improvement since their prototype. This shows that the team is committed to its roadmap, ensuring continuous progress even before raising funds, and investors know in advance what they are investing in. Testnet is up and running successfully, and the early Elrond blockchain also has a convenient UX that will be available to the public in the next few months.
Elrond Network's main competitors are EOS, Zilliqa, PChain and Quarkchain. All of these competitors are trying to solve scalability problems and offer solutions that provide high TPS throughput while maintaining appropriate levels of security. They also follow another beaten path between chains, which is also being addressed by many other projects such as Polkadot and PChain. There is every chance to beat your competitors by providing the crypto community and the whole world with a viable product that will take on the competition and integrate the network into the relevant blockchain infrastructure projects.
Elrond Network expects to become a major player in the so-called “big league” of blockchain development, which is a sector with high bandwidth, segmentation and interconnectivity. The need for high bandwidth and low cost of data storage is constantly high. A project that will solve these problems and provide an open and easily interacting chain will gain wide popularity, therefore this project has every chance to take a leading position.elrond1.jpg

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