About Elrond

2년 전

Position that the team adheres to, applies to open source, which enables more rapid decision-making and supports the principle of decentralization, so they made their own code for the prototype is available on my Github page.
Blockchain technology is an integral part of the network project Elrond, it is the main objective of these projects, as it aims to expand the infrastructure of the block chain with your new solution, and ensuring fast, scalable, and secure cryptocurrency and network with high bandwidth.
Platform Elrond will use your own token called Elrond (ERD). It will act as an inexpensive high speed cryptocurrency, which can be used for treatment of various transactions. Function ERD will be primarily to manage the network, as to secure proof of stake requires that nodes contained a large number of EDR to control the network and the mechanism of coordination. Elrond Network will also use the system of master nodes, which will encourage holders and others who put their coins to help confirm transactions and regulate the system.
Elrond Network uses an improved consensus algorithm Proof of Stake, called a Secured Proof of Stake, in which the consensus is achieved by random selection of validators, determining the right to bid and ranking with the optimal dimension for a consensus group. They use a random number consisting of several variables, to select the nodes in the segment group, thereby preventing a highly adaptive malicious attacks. After each epoch 1/3 of the nodes from each shard is redistributed among the other shards to further reduce the likelihood of malicious acts, each node has a rating which is based on the honesty of his actions. The rating affects the probability of selecting a node in the coordinated group.elrond1.jpg

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