For the boyfriend, Nikita Mirzani Rejects Philippine Playboy Magazine Contract?

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News detikHOT on Thursday (1/2) enlivened with Moments Rossa and Yoyo 'Padi' on stage. There is also Sunan Kalijaga who allegedly profiteer shot money.

Here's more 5 Popular News detikHOT:

  1. Intimnya Rice Concert is 'Born Again'

Band from Surabaya, Padi, has long vacuum from the country music industry. Later, they decided to return. Still in the framework of the return of Rice to the world of entertainment, they held an exclusive intimate concert at The Pallas SCBD, South Jakarta, Wednesday (31/1/2018).

The audience has started to arrive after Maghrib. Queue ticket exchange was seen quite long. At 19:30 pm, when the door was opened, really the audience who meet The Pallas can be said to be crowded.

HOT monitoring, hardly any teenage audience at the concert last night. This is not surprising, because the bands consisting of Ari (guitar), Fadly (vocals), Yoyo (drums), Rindra (bass), and Piyu (guitar) have indeed been a long hiatus, so the young music listeners actually can not know who it's Rice.

  1. Moments of Rossa and Yoyo 'Padi' on the Same Stage

There is a rare moment that occurred in intimate concert Padi Reborn last night located at The Pallas SCBD, South Jakarta, Wednesday (31/1/2018). Suddenly Rossa climbed onto the stage as a guest star and sang the song 'Fragile'.

Suddenly the audience who were present also cheered simultaneously. They looked surprised, everyone laughed.

As known together, Rossa is a former wife of Padi drummer, Yoyo.

"It's not long before ya see Yoyo playing drum solo," said Rossa after singing. The audience was immediately excited and cheered, "Refer!

  1. His mother's illness, Anisa Bahar Tuding There is a Play Black Sciences

Anisa Bahar returned to the problem. No longer about his daughter, Juwita Bahar, who did not say a birthday to him, now he was faced with the condition of his mother who was sick.

Anisa Bahar posted some videos showing the condition of her mother lying limp in her bed. His mother's nose was seen wearing a hose.

But from the uploads, not seen also the nose of Juwita Bahar helped his ailing grandmother. Though nephew Anisa Bahar, Bellayu just look.

"Bellayu is a good grandmother grandmother, love milk to grandmother.We mutual gotong royong already have part of each.Supply to make food blender again yet ?," Anisa said in one posting in Instagram when quoted detikHOT, Thursday (1/2 / 2018).


  1. For the boyfriend, Nikita Mirzani Rejects Philippine Playboy Magazine Contract?

Nikita Mirzani synonymous with sexy body to enter the ranks of sexy women in Playboy magazine. The mother of two children had also offered to join in Playboy magazine Philippines.

But now, Nikita Mirzani has suddenly rejected the Philippine Playboy magazine contract. I wonder why?

"So it's everything that's something to be considered, something to take, something to be released," said Nikita after filling the 'Morning-Pagi Must Happy' event at TRANS TV Building, Mampang, South Jakarta, Thursday (1 / 2/2018).

  1. Alleged Photo Clip, Sunan Kalijaga Tak Kapok Show Gepokan Duit

Sunan Kalijaga recently uploaded a photo of a dollar gameplay in Instagram. However, the lawyer was accused of photographing another photo.

Feeling not accepted with these allegations, Sunan Kalijaga also re-uploaded money by 10 thousand to 10 thousand gepokan money on his Instagram. On the photo caption, he seemed to quip at another unnamed lawyer.

"Woi om lawyers have money like me do not? Do not just ask for money with the same chants and borrow the same car," he wrote.

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