Emotional Intimacy - A Lifeline For Those Seeking Perfection

10개월 전

An expert on the human condition Albert Ellis wrote the following when discussing honesty and emotional intimacy. If you have made a bargain with your emotional life, you will be able to keep it in its purity." This statement sums up the entire content of the Honest Relationship System for Emotional Intimacy.

Here are some of the areas that you should include in your emotional intimacy as part of your overall lifestyle to ensure that your relationship is honest. Each of these areas must be included if you want to keep your emotional intimacy a healthy balance.

Emotions tend to get out of control from time to time. It is no different than in any other aspect of your life. When you feel some emotion, there is a tendency to be uncomfortable. This is why keeping your emotions under control is important in your intimate relationships. Not only do you want to keep your emotions in balance, but you also want to maintain an ongoing balance so that you can remain in control of them at all times.

The first area that you should address when it comes to emotional intimacy is communication. Do not respond to your partner in a manner that they think you are trying to control or manipulate them. Respond in a gentle and sincere way. Do not keep secrets and do not make assumptions about your partner's thoughts and feelings.

The second area that you should address when it comes to emotional intimacy is honesty. Do not leave your partner feeling that you are hiding something from them. Let your partner know how you truly feel and let them know your side of the story as well. Do not lie to your partner and do not assume that they will not find out what you are hiding.

The third area that you should address in your emotional intimacy is generosity. Do not attempt to manipulate your partner into wanting to change or to do things that you are not willing to do. If you are sure that your partner wants to change, provide the support that he or she needs in order to make that change.

Your fourth area to address is kindness. Do not try to influence your partner through anger or through manipulation. Instead, you need to show love and compassion to those around you so that they do not feel as though they are being manipulated.

Having all four of these areas of emotional intimacy in your relationship is very important. You need to be fair and loving and you need to be able to maintain an ongoing level of honesty and integrity. These areas of intimacy will help you to strengthen your relationship and will also help to ensure that you will be able to create an emotional balance that is just the right size for the needs of each of you.

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