A girl in the mirror

4년 전


Everything was hidden
In her world,
Where everything was forbidden
What she will hold,

She's broken yet,
Others can't see
For she's hiding it

A girl in the mirror,
Staring herself happily
And realizing things,
That were not really have to be

Her smiles,
Are her tears
Her laughs,
Are her screams
Her jokes,
Are her complains

The eagerness in her heart
Is fading,
And no one is noticing,
For she is still smiling

The girl in the mirror,
Is breaking apart
Her dreams were shattered,
Even her heart

Looking at herself
Is a torture for her,
'cause she knows
That she'll stay no longer.

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A very informative post. Today people hide themselves carefully so that they will make others happy even though it will hurt them.


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