Learn American English

2년 전

Today, when we try to learn a language, we try to do it, but not fluently. And then, there are people who learn British English, whereas they should rather learn American English (which is used internationally). In short, people do not learn things correctly. So how to learn a language?

  •  Ling (Simya) : First, I learn vocabulary via the Ling application. It is an application that is extremely well done. One module every day should be enough because the goal is to do a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Beelinguapp : Second, you should know that reading is the most important step in your learning. It does not help the listening comprehension, but it will allow to understand instantly an English sentence.
  • HiNative : Third, via the Internet we can now ask English speakers expressions that we do not understand. For example, once, I needed to translate the expression "au fait" which cannot be translated into English and I was able to find the answer on this website.
  • HelloTalk : Fourth, I plan to be active on the HelloTalk app (the last step). Chatting with native is the ultimate step to learning a language.

All this takes me 15 minutes to 1 hours a day but motivation and ambition always wins. For the duration, I think I will learn one language a year (about one language a year).  

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