Encrybit ICO’s Proper Solution

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A broader more specific order book showing everything the user need is what Encrybit ICO is providing. The central working part of Encrybit ICO’s exchange is the "Order Book". It's the comprehensive outlook of the simple bid and asks price with different order class for those ones that are available at the present. The order/process book is also the reflection of resistance and support prices of a coin. It helps in better decision-making for short-term trade over a particular coin/token.


Order-books are statistically proven for importance in the critical decision making procedure for less time traders and it assists the traders to make-up a good entry in a trade. Each large or small crypto exchange issue the order/process book on their specific trading platform but these have very insufficient information and are sophisticated in comprehending. The order book’s user interface is the real pain that forced the exchangers to put more time for getting control over that, rather than the trading itself. To solve the very uncertain initial issues over the specific order-books, Encrybit has included a broader order book on its trading platform, which will provide multiple levels and a detailed but straightforward user interface.

With a detailed order book, the user will see real-time orders at a certain price appearing in the Ask and the Bid section. Since it is broad, it has to be recognized specifically. So Encrybit ICO has allocated specific color ranges to quickly identify the bunch of orders at a certain price level. To fulfill the purpose of the snap view understanding, color bar functionality is added, which will help to identify the very short term terbulance of the price-trend very quickly. Each color bar represents its price in the bid and asks section and for a quicker trade, the user can promptly judge the location of recent support or resistance from the intensity of the color bar.

With the color bar, Encrybit ICO is also including the market trending bar, that showcase the friendly war between the buy-sell orders. It shows the short term market specification for the buying and the selling. The trending bar can stretch and can extend on market’s buy-sell pressure and the user of the ICO will have the opportunity to cmprehend the market tradition and take the trade position based on it. Order synopsis section of the serve’s users to very quickly understand the actual numbers of bids that are available at the specifically listed price that helps the user to see the greater picture of price action. The user interface is straightforward and attractive, and even a casual user could take the control over it in a very short time,Encrybit.

Ultimately, T&S provide a real-time feed for the actual order executed through the exchange and helps to find direction, volume and execution time of each trade. T&S is more helpful when combined with different trading strategies and price actions. It helps in providing deep level information, that allows cryptocurrency traders to analyze the current market condition and direction. For an easy understanding and quick grab of the opportunity for the traded cryptocurrency, our order book is differentiated by different color code to indicate whether the trades are inside or outside of the bid or ask,Encrybit.

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