Green revolution.

2개월 전


They are poised to make a fortune off the green revolution and they are happy to hurt us all to have their goose laying golden eggs.

What does it mean when they say that the “energy crisis was meant to”? Translation: “this crisis was created for the purpose of . . .” The crisis was intended. What wasn’t part of the plan is the result. It was supposed to “spur a green revolution.” But alas, “the world wasn’t ready.”

They are now admitting what they would have denied previously and they are attempting to hide the truth in plain sight. Even Biden has been admitting as much lately, saying the good thing about the high cost of gas is the incentive to move to alternatives.

Now consider this; do you think the people who would shamelessly create a massive energy crisis that would hurt people up and down the social strata but would wound the poorest the most (the poor get creamed at the pump!) are the kind of people who would think twice whether to double down on their man-made crisis to hurt you even more so that you’ll submit to their ideology and be more supinely prepared for their green revolution?

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