What was your favorite post in the last 3-4 days?

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What was your favorite post in the last 3-4 days?

Is there any post that really stood out to you in the last few days? Post them below in the comments and I'll give my favorites an upvote.

I am not interested in low effort posts.

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Write a comment linking to another Steemian's post that isn't older than 4 days and really stands out. Explain why you thought it was a good post.

While you are waiting, check out other author's posts mentioned below. Give them some love if you feel so inclined.

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@Pennsif is doing his Steem news posts again. Those are useful to keep up with what is happening https://steemit.com/steem/@pennsif/the-steem-news-19-august-2019

This takes major effort and time to do... and I think @jenina619 artwork of crypto people are freaking awesome 😀


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Thank you very much for your support!!🙏

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This is a jewell for me, i give reestem because the contents is amazing and scientific and value information, about an element very important for our harvest.
Best regard.

I liked this post: https://steemit.com/powerhousecreatives/@wales/2cmdmb-what-is-evil

Evil is a word that tends to be over used. Also I find posts that don't just promote 'investments' and other random things I don't need or want are getting too much attention.
Maybe we are all a little evil?

I’m really glad to see this post. I’ve been a teensy bit checked out lately — just busy as heck and trying to enjoy summer and family. For inspiration, I will check out what everyone posts in the comments!

Always an interesting point of view on how this guy goes about creating storylines. He creates tabletop games so that tends to be what his content trends towards but it is not always limited to just that. He just started up this new series where he is breaking down an element in storytelling and will be writing future posts going into greater detail.

It’s great due large amount of examples he gives while keeping each one in a rather bit sized format to not overwhelm the reader.


@difinney's travel posts are epic! Cool places, interesting info on said places and lots of good photos that seem to be taken with a post in mind. Try this visit to Olvera St. in L.A. on for size.
Thanks for the chance to share @themarkymark.

Edit say it is not my "own" post. I give every single steem back to the supporter. ;-)