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2020-10-10 - Saturday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-10-10 - Saturday
Published in October of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-10-10 13:38:21 Lonneke Engel Dutch USA Politics Talk YouTube.png

Lonneke Engel Dutch USA Politics Talk YouTube

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Are you raping or rapping in your video?

08:59 PM - YouTube

manbat44633 I need bleach wrote, 2 hours ago:

It kinda sounds like you are rapping in the beggining

I replied

Which reminds me, back in high school, people would ask me to rap that teenage mutant ninja turtles rap song found at the end of the credits of the first film from 1990. The only song cooler would be the Vanilla Ice Go Ninja Go Ninja Go song found in the second film.


Rick, what did you get for Christmas of 1992?

04:47 PM

I scanned a drawing Rick drew regarding his gifts from Christmas of 1992. Is that a super soaker water gun, walky talky, a hammer or wagon, basketball hoop, headphones, bouncy shoes, bulls eye target practicing board, and what else is in this drawing, did you get all of these things for Christmas that year?


The 100

2020-10-10 - Saturday - 02:17 AM - 03:01 AM - The 100 704

She had a father figure for 10 years after the 2 mothers. Wormholes.

2020-10-10 - Saturday - 03:02 AM - 03:45 AM - The 100 705

Like Snake, she runs off but is then knocked over by an invisible soldier in the Truman Show greenhouse. Actor from Suits as a doctor person.


11:31 AM - If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 16)

Got really meta for a second.

Naomi Brockwell

11:36 AM - What is EOS?

Sounds like Hive and Steemit with having 20 to 30 witnesses, the users vote for them.

I prefer blockchain.

BTC only have 5 mining pools? 20 is a bigger number, I like that.

@MrHarrilasagna, the USA has three or four branches of government in the name of decentralization, in the name of trying to balance power. So, 3 or 4 would be a starting point, perhaps.

To be decentralized would be to be able to compete against monopolism and cartels.

Google came out of government.

Many people are of collectivism over individualism meaning people tend to vote in that direction, generally speaking, globally speaking, historically speaking at least.

EOS sounds like Hive, Steemit.

Sounds like EOS has an automatic account creation mechanism.

But EOS is not a blogging blockchain, just a blockchain for exchanging EOS?

A critical factor is the voting part.

Same thing with Hive and Steem with resource credits (RC) or manna, as you grow, it becomes harder for you to run out of your energy, your ability to sleep or eat so to speak.

I agree with the pursuit of the long game.

When Facebook gave up the power to build an infinite amount of websites, web pages, so to speak, it was like they were tempting us with drugs. Humans became addicts. But it costs money.

@Dario Cesaro, if you're speaking potentially....

You can also buy solar panels, a bunch of computers.

Lonneke Engel

01:13 PM - USA Update #5 -Dutch Live Chat - Lonneke Talks USA

I don't know Dutch but my grandpa was born in Amsterdam. Keep up the good work.

Trump was given dangerous drugs.

Trump was given several different drugs, simultaneously.

@Wim Bongers, many soldiers want to go home.

@TheDarkan12, most Americans are against endless wars around the world.

711129005 wrote:

​Trump is like Jesus, giving his own blood(plasma) to save his people.

@Henk van den Berg, the United Nations is talking about having OVERSIGHT over the election in order to make sure Trump does NOT win in 2020.

Americans are encouraged to be poll watchers in order to watch out for voter fraud.

@Jan Weeber, if Americans want more sanctuary cities, they can vote Biden.

@711129005, Tulsi Gabbard was kicked off. Tulsi didn't leave the race.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton stole it from Bernie Sanders who was more popular and Tulsi Gabbard is more popular than Joe Biden in 2020.

Kanye West is more popular than Biden.

@TheDarkan12, Harris would say and I quote, "Let me talk.... we can have a conversation."

@711129005, they didn't let Tulsi Gabbard appear on the debate stage and then she was on some YouTube live streams talking about that a few months ago.

I would have preferred Tulsi vs Trump. Tulsi has some good points.


01:46 PM - The 355 Trailer Breakdown and Riff

Wokemon, gotta catch that man.

Criminalizing animal cruelty violates private property rights.

The United Spot

02:50 PM - Ask Yourself One Question

Alex Jones wins the debate by mentioning how slavery is happening globally, in the Middle East, all over, Muslims do it especially and then there is trafficking and a number of other things including black on black crimes and globalism, technocracy, etc.

Watch MOJO

03:33 PM - Top 10 Places That Have Barely Been Explored

Nisma Productions

03:49 PM - 2011-02-19 - George Lucas on the impact of Star Wars with Christopher Nolan

On February 19, 2011, the DGA’s 75th Anniversary celebrations got a rousing kick-off with the event George Lucas on the Impact of Star Wars, which featured featured a screening of the DGA Award-nominated film as well as a Q&A between Lucas and director Christopher Nolan.

Around the 1970's, many mongols were dying and new people took the lead to run corporations and many of them were not sure how to run the big television and movie networks and everything. It was chaos.

When making a movie, buy a camera and then rent it back to the studio.

Random Yoko 2

09:02 PM - [LIVE] Q&A #VPDebate #COVID19 #Trump2020 #Japan

Silence is beautiful.

American products used to last for decades too before the 1950's.

Japanese Eggs, bye bye

@Merry Mayhem, I hope you always whisper and start your own ASMR channel, men and women would totally get off on that.

What does a condom smell like?

May Nina start a library full of the Shenanigans Notes for all the kids to learn from.

Merry is the Wolverine of fingernails.

If you lose, you get to try again.

Robot turned into Robin Williams meet Aerosmith.

Go to Hell and then die.

Like Bill & Ted 2 & 3.

The Amazing Lucas

09:20 PM - Disagreement Day Part 2

If you want more taxes, vote Biden.

That is not racism or forced segregation.

People do NOT have to intermix.

Not living around all the colors of the rainbow does NOT mean you racist.

@The Amazing Lucas, I have been to South Carolina, but isolation is not the same as forced segregation.

Some people may be racist in some ways but some of it is not necessarily racism but actually other things disguised as racism.

The kind of racism the caller is describing is not in regards to actual race but of other things.

There are black hillbillies, believe it or not.

Some rednecks are African Americans, believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the color of your skin.

The caller does NOT what real racism is.

Racism is always a problem in all humans, of course, but it is not always relevant.

Like autism, racism is a spectrum.

Skin-color racism is not the same as cultural and religious racism.

White people are racist towards other white people.

@The Amazing Lucas, ask the caller what color of skin he is or is not.

Real Christians are NOT racist.

The caller is talking about FAKE CHRISTIANS.

Racism does NOT mean "NOT MIXED."

@Jman D well, Minnesota has many Muslims.

You have to define racism.

A lack of diversity is not racism.

The art of profiling is not racism.

@J F I doxxed myself

Some blacks are rednecks.

It is not as racism in some ways.

Red Letter Media

09:53 PM - Best of the Worst: Twin Dragon Encounter, American Rickshaw, and Infested


Naomi Brockwell

11:36 AM - What is EOS?

The United Spot

03:12 PM - The Freestones


10:30 AM - 11:20 AM - Spread turf builder on the front lawn because we want to win against the gophers, moles, and whatever else tries to mess up the grass in our yard says Larry, he doesn't want to lose to the animals, and we have been losing, the lawn doesn't look like a golf course yet. We tried other things and we are back to trying this for the moment. Grass is moist or wet. It is not raining but it is cloudy. It is probably going to rain soon. Used a like push mower like thing to spread the chemicals. Not actual push mower but a soreader thing that is red, a new one and not the old one.


11:22 AM - Mom vegi salad yogurt. Some tea.


12:00 PM - 01:00 PM - Vacuum. Dishes. Funny crocodile on a bridge meme on Facebook in the computer room. Instead of a troll cuz you don't see them much. Talk about pans. Pans basketball bottoms can tip over, wobble, and more importantly burn food in certain places when it is not distributing heat enough through the pan from the stove into the food. So, if you got a flat stove, you want a flat pan. You can sometimes barter and find discounts from sellers on Ebay. Not sure if Amazon allows for auctions or not. More lawn spreading a thing that repels moles, gophers, etc. Sprinkle on spots and then used the spreader pusher to spread the rest of the $27 apx half pound bag.

06:00 PM - 09:00 PM - Organizing through things. Went through things. Photos. All kinds of things. Shower. Family historian thing on and off today and the past several days too.


09:30 PM - Soup. Coffee

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