Mechanical engineering and Health

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Greetings, how are you Steemit friends? Wish you good health always.
Maybe this will be a mystery when people see my life story.

I am a mechanical engineering student, and I am also an ambulance driver at the Indonesian Red Cross hospital.
In this life journey so many people ask me, How can you get into two fields? (Mechanical engineering and Health)
I'm sure maybe they feel confused to see me enjoy my way of life.

One day I answered their question: Maybe I was born to understand the science of mechanical engineering and health sciences. But still make them confused, do I understand medical science?
Of course, I understand both sciences because medical science and health sciences for me are concerned.

Why am I joining in Steemit Always discuss Engineering issues?
You must know I discuss engineering in Steemit This is one of my ways to better understand the science of machine because it is very difficult to learn the science of mechanical engineering than the science of health.

Here are my daily activities for mechanical engineering and health.

Mechanical engineering


A Research (Mechanical engineering)

I am currently conducting a study of a polymeric composite material that can be created from natural fibers (abaca banana fiber) which act as a reinforcing material.

This is proof of my work:

Abaca banana tree cut into small pieces for me to take fiber

Abaca bananas that have been cut and dried are inserted into the mold

The process of making polymer composites


Here are the results of my research materials:

The natural fiber-reinforced polymer composite (banana fiber)

Activities in Health

Incidentally today I just completed the task to take patients to a hospital that has a journey of 272.6 km

Being an ambulance driver is not an easy thing, we have a lot to learn about various health sciences. The various obstacles we must face when we are in an emergency to save someone.

Sacrificing lives to save someone's life, that's an ambulance driver

This is the journey of my life, time is precious to me.
Sometimes I feel tired, but still, put great passion for being in engineering and health activities
For me life is a gift, where we will live with bitter things, but be assured:


Azman Nicely Nasha/ @azman

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My friend, you are doing a great job and you are really a great mechanical engineer. Love to read your article.

My best wishes are with you.


Thank you friend,
all it is my duty to live this life with various jobs and thank you for reading my article

That is so wonderful! You are obviously very smart my friend :)


hihihi :)
I think I still lack knowledge for all that, all this I live because of great passion given by friends. one of them is you, you're my best friend I've ever met in Steemit. :)