Sacrificing My Eyes... For Science

3년 전

Hello everyone!

It's a nice, snowy night here.

How are you doing? Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Today I am back to make a quick update regarding that mysterious project I have been working on. I will provide images as evidence of my suffering, along with some metrics, just for the fun of it. Who knows? I might manage to warn more kids out there not to get involved with engineering by any means, at all costs. Just don't do it.

So here I am on day 35 of this project.

After georeferencing a map I received from the Geographic Military Service Agency, I started digitizing vectors like a maniac. I had to pick six ground control points and transform their coordinates using a tool developed by a fellow engineer. I will elaborate on this process in a future post, and I will also provide information regarding the specific kind of transformation I applied, as well as its fundamental parameters and the reasons why I chose this specific transformation formula. But you might have to pay me for all this information, dunno. Kidding.

Oh yeah, lucky you.

I will make sure to provide a download link for that software, if anyone's interested in using it. Comes in handy if you're a civil engineer.

So, let's get down to business.

As mentioned, I will make a future post in order to go into more detail about the technical construction I am currently working on. I won't explain jack about those shapefiles I am about to present to you, or the reason why I digitized those the way I did. However, I will make sure to provide a really useful screenshot in the end, for those of you who are willing to solve the riddle. Be my guest!

First, I had to import this DWG file.

And make a database for it. Nuff said.


Then I had to... ''draw'' that ''line''.

See what I did there? But why am I doing this? Take a closer look and you might know.


Now it's time for some drama!

That little thing I call a polygon took me approximately 2,500 points to digitize. FML.


Now let's waste 4 - 5 hours and digitize 2,500+ points.

Phew, I got this.


And again.

Hmm, it might be demanding but it's feasible.


Tired yet? Another 3,000+ points for you.

Really? Oh, come on.


Yup, there's more. Add a few thousand more.

I see.


And again.

Yeah, I know.


Work, dude.

It's never enough.



I have been working on this project for weeks, and it looks like I have a really long way to go. I don't know why I chose this job, I really have no clue why I am doing this to myself. But I like it. I'm probably a mental case.

Bonus image:

For those of you who didn't believe me when I said I was killing my eyes.


Here's a clue.

And why I am doing it. The answer lies in the image below.



Are you a nerd? Can you tell what I am actually trying to do and why I am digitizing all those vectors? Good, let me know in the comments below.

A promise.

I will soon make an extensive and detailed post, in which I will explain what is going on, and provide technical information regarding every step of the process.


*All shapefiles were designed by me using Quantum GIS 2.18.6, all screenshots belong to me.


Oh wait, I almost forgot:

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Video Credits @gtg

GIF by @katerinaramm

Thanks for being here!

See you around!

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I guess I'm not smart enough to understand nor capable of doing whatever it is you were doing.


Don't underestimate yourself.

These contouring line I guess Topography related are always tough. Although I am not ought to learn it ..THANK GOD:D.. I am at a verge of completing my Architecture Degree. But when I saw DWG name that Autocad stuff just attracted me towards your blog.
Indeed the way you compose the blog is appreciable. I must learn these Talent.
Just Followed you, Now you will find me in all of your comment section in future:)


Thanks for reading! Wish you all the best with your studies!


Thank you:)

Congratulations @lordneroo!!!
You never cease to amaze me with your excellent job😀 !!

As I have told you before, I Adore Cartography!!
Topography though, is another topic that I also find quite interesting!

Excellent post!!


Thank you so much for the nice words, @alinak15! I am glad you liked my post, and grateful you took the time to read! Have a great day!

This is a topographic map, right? Your job is to draw those lines every "x" meters of height? I was a scout boy when I was younger (actually I still am, once a scout boy always a scout boy haha), and we had to use topographic maps with those line indicating height to decide which way to go while exploring

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Almost there! Those are altitude lines indeed, but I am not actually trying to draw those. More info on my next engineering blog!

fovero!!!! de exw na po tipota allo!!!!! :)


Thanks, Nick! Καλησπέρα!

Steemit is the best place to vent our furstrations :)


Speaking out of experience? :D


Can't argue with that man! Just teasing you! Cheers and thanks for stopping by!

Chesus Christ... Let the tranquillity be with you!


Trying my best! xD Thank you!

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All I can tell is there's a matte rainbow dragon trying to swallow a lake.