acute otitis media

2년 전

Good morning friends STEEMIT. Today I want to talk about otitis an affectation that for all of us who are parents is quite common as adults but not so much in childhood and we will see the reason.

Otitis is the inflammation of the ear. There are 3 types of external and average internal otitis, this being the most frequent.


Otitis media is inflation with the presence of fluid with or without pus from the auditory cavity located behind the eardrum, it is due to an obstruction in the eustachian tube, a channel that communicates the middle ear with the throat making the function of drainage When this cavity is blocked, the liquid accumulates and triggers pain and infection causing the characteristic pain.


The most common cause of otitis media is tubal dysfunction caused by intrinsic or extrinsic inflammation of the mucosa of the rhinopharynx by lengthening infections, also some pathogens such as viruses or bacteria can ascend the eustachian tube to the middle ear causing inflammation .

The greatest symptomatology is the pain that the patient presents may or may not occur due to hatred affected fever dizziness.

Complications: complications are infrequent but sometimes the damage can be mild, causing partial or total hearing loss between serious complications such as labyrinthitis, mastoiditis and meningitis.

Treatment: should be indicated analgesic treatment to mitigate pain antibiotic treatment should be temporized given that almost 80% of otitis media are viral etiology in case of administering antibiotic amoxicillin plus clavulanic acid is recommended


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