ART EXPLOSION WEEK 44: Theme REBELLION/ Animal rebellion!

3년 전


Hello my esteemed Steemit community.
On this occasion, I show you my work for the ART EXPLOSION WEEK 44 contest, organized by @juliakponsford, this week's theme is Rebellion. I hope you like my drawing.


The photos were taken with my Blu Dash Junior mobile phone.
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Although it looks like you did this from scratch I have removed it as a winner in my contest because it was brought to my attention that it is a piece of art made by Larry Torro.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 11.39.35 AM.png

Please be respectful if you are doing a study and credit the original artist next time, and make it clear if it is a study!



okay no problem! in the same way I worked doing it, well not from my own imagination.